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5 Awesome & Unique Wedding Announcement & Invitation Ideas. Screw Boring, Go Big & Get Creative.

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You have a vision of your wedding day. The dress: Strapless, princess, floor length, satin and tulle … baby pink. You want your dachshund, Oliver, as one of the groomsmen and you’d prefer salmon for dinner. You’d like a harp player that looks like a mermaid to play the ceremony and you want your Norwegian relatives to be there.

Is any of this so wrong? No. Absolutely not. It’s your day. It only comes once. You’ll have to be     on top of everything to make it all happen, but your dream can become a reality. Right now, it may seem overwhelming. Visit one of the many wedding planning websites to get your party started and get a solid wedding checklist. With a chronological lineup, you can be confident you’ll cover all of your bases.

Since the first step is letting people know you and your fiance have become engaged. You should immediately be thinking announcements/save the dates. But what and how? We’re here to help you come up with some unique wedding invitation ideas. Our list of five creative ideas for getting the word out are fun, festive and definitely creative. Skip the boring phone calls or the lone Facebook post exclaiming, “We’re engaged!” Go big and get creative with your wedding announcement and invitation!

Save the Date Magnets

This is one of the most important days of your life and you want your loved ones from near and far to be there. While not the most unique wedding invitation, you can have some fun with a “save the date” magnet with a special photo of you and your man? Whether it be of you two on a boat, surfing, fishing, simply sitting and reading books together (hm…) or a small montage of goofy images you took at the fair, recipients from near and far can stick it right on their fridge, look at you every day and never have an excuse not to come to the wedding.

Save The Date Postcard

A Funny Video

Our next unique wedding invitation idea is courtesy of Glamour magazine who suggests creating a video link that reads something silly like, “Cat Hugs Baby Kitten Having Nightmare” or “Is This Doggie Drunk?” but then when the recipients open it, it’s you and your honey proclaiming you’re engaged! That’ll be a fun prank that will get everyone excited … especially your mom!

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Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Take a cue from Brangelina and pose as they do in the very classy cover of the “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” movie poster but instead of “Smith” use your soon-to-be last name. This is a fun wedding announcement. Print out these creative save the date cards, envelope them up (addresses verified) and send them off for the world to see. Well, your world.

wedding announcements

Blast the Web

Love to tweet, retweet and check-in? Feel loved when you get a high number of “Likes”? Have a lot of Klout? Then you, my dear, should definitely turn to the Internet for your announcement. Take a series of meaningful or playful photos on Instagram. Start pinning wedding stuff on Pinterest. Tweet and update your Facebook status with a cute poem. Do it fast and all at once and you will feel a wave of love from across the globe as you share your happy news.


Awkward Family Photo

Get goofy and take one of the classic “Awkward Family Photos” that are so popular right now. Dress up in cheesy matching outfits or pose like it’s a 1970s prom photo. You’re sure to get a large following. This can be sent in the mail as save the dates, emailed and it can be blasted on the web. If cheesy outfits are too unique wedding announcement for you, then you can tame it a little and do something cute like this couple below when announcing your wedding.

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