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Vistaprint Wedding Invitations: Hands-On Review

Vistaprint is known for bringing a lot of option and creativity to marketing business, but did you know that they have their very own wedding shop too? It’s a space where you can personalize invitations for your big day as well as sift through a variety of options that can serve the entire event – and coordinate! They also will send out free wedding invitation samples kits.

Curiosity took hold of me so I checked out a kit for myself. Could Vistaprint rival some of the bigger competitors in this space? Do they have products that brides would really want to have? How was the quality? My order came rolling in the mail today and I’ve been pawing the five essential pieces of the wedding day stationery. Check out my thoughts and findings below:

First Impressions

Vistaprint free wedding sample kit

Image via Vistaprint

I received my free kit in the mail exactly 14 days after I ordered it. For this being a completely free “purchase,” I did not find that to be a ridiculous amount of wait time, especially with the e-mail updates I was receiving while Vistaprint let me know that my order was processed, shipped, and delivered to my door.

Once I laid my hands on the delivery, I was pleasantly surprised to find the envelope to be quite thick and when I opened the package I was greeted by a variety of wedding samples including: a save-the-date magnet, invitation, RSVP card, ceremony program, and dinner program – seemingly all fitting a similar theme.

This was when I began to become slightly disappointed. I was hoping to be able to get an inside look at a true variety of styles, textures, paper types, and colors. Instead, I just received a glimpse at their various stationeries that one can order instead of options concerning aesthetic value.

Here’s a closer look at the pieces that I received:

Vistaprint wedding sample kit contents

Image via Vistaprint

My first impression was that I wish I had an assortment of “flavors.” I wanted a mix of styles and paper types. What I found surprising was, at second look, their advertisement of the sample kit says that you DO receive that variety I was craving – at least in terms of paper stocks including: linen, pearl shimmer, ultra thick, rounded corner & recycled matte. When I went back to sift through the samples received, I noticed the difference but I found it to be only slight.

Which sample was the star of the show, though? Absolutely, unequivocally, it was the save-the-date magnet. Beautiful quality but not like an unsightly, clunky fridge magnet we’re used to, it gets the only 5-star rating of the packet.

Designs & Customizations

Personalization is key with Vistaprint. There’s a lot of room to customize your options and even match your wedding colors. You can upload your own photos to create engagement announcements that are – for all intents and purposes – designed by “you.”


Vistaprint wedding themes and customizations

Image via Vistaprint

Rustic charm, vintage elegance, and modern romance, there are so many different themes and style you’ll get the opportunity to scroll through. I would just suggest sending some varying themes within the kits that are sent out to brides-to-be.

Within my own set, I only received a spread that felt very farmhouse-chic, which was sweet but didn’t give me enough of an idea whether or not to order from Vistaprint if I was, let’s say, a more contemporary bride.


Vistaprint color designs and custom designs

Image via Vistaprint

Shades and varying tones are really easy to customize within the “design” center. There are tons of neutral options to swing with if you haven’t chosen colors yet or want to surprise your guests. But, within all the varieties, it’ll be super easy to go with the hues you’ve already decided to dress the event in.


Vistaprint paper stocks and finishes

Image via Vistaprint

Go more casual with a matte finish or level up to a pearl-sheen for a more dramatic and formal effect (this is the usual advice). Again, I just wish the samples within the kit really expressed a varying difference. I wouldn’t want to pay extra for a pearly overlay and not be able to notice a distinct difference between that and the linen finish.

Admittedly, though, the linen was a cozy, warm texture that I enjoyed. It also worked nicely with the more relaxed, rustic style samples I was sent – but not for more glam-oriented or formal affairs.


This isn’t a new feature but it’s important to note that you’ll be able to swap out the font for each of the designs that feel more authentic to you and your couple style. You’re not stuck with the sample’s eye view.

Additional Stationery

Vistaprint additional stationery choices

Image via Vistaprint

There is a true assortment of product to take a look at when you visit Vistaprint. Shop the full collection after the jump.

Envelopes are available through Vistaprint as well, with the choice of customizing your envelopes – from color to added foil.

There’s really so much to sift through. There are stickers, seals, program designs, RSVP cards, dinner menus and more. The beauty here is that you can get this vast assortment of products but in coordinating fashion.

Instead of inducing a headache and anxiety trying to piece together a matching array of wedding stationery, Vistaprint makes it easy – and that’s one of the truest benefits this space offers.


Although I was slightly disappointed in the discernment between paper types, it’s definitely worth the order – at least of the free kit. It won’t hurt to take a peek at their offerings and the star of the show, the magnet save-the-date, was worth the entire experience.

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