What To Do With The M Line On Wedding RSVP

What Does “M” Stand for on Wedding RSVP?

I’ve received a wedding invitation with a response card. What does the “M” on the response card stand for? What is the proper way to fill the blank next line next to the “M”? Do I write “Mr. & Mrs. LastName” or just “LastName” or, since the M is already there, “r. & Mrs. LastName”?

what does m stand for on rsvp

Nancy Tucker

The M_____________ is a space for the invitee’s name as well as others invited.

Reader Response:

Thank you kindly for responding, however, my original question remains. Exactly how is the line next to the M correctly filled? Assume for example a husband and wife are replying to the RSVP. Is the preprinted “M” used so that one writes “r. and Mrs. XYZ” or does one rewrite the M by writing “Mr. and Mrs. XYZ”? I have always wondered the correct way to do this. Thank you

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The Wedding Expert

You write “r.” next to the M and then Mrs. When you sign your name or names on that line, use the “M” as the first letter of your title. For example, you might write “Ms. Mary Peters and Mr. John Grey.” A married couple would put “Mr. and Mrs. Nick Harris.” A single woman would put “Ms. Zoe Garrey.” Just add on the letter or letters to create the appropriate title, then fill in your names.

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