Six Awesome DIY Wedding Invitation Ideas

Having a wedding is expensive enough with all the frills and ruffles, but there’s definitely no need to splurge on every detail. Saving on the small stuff that is doable by yourself is a smart move and can mean the difference between going over the budget and spending just right.

If you want to save money without sacrificing style and personalization or if you are an avid DIYer, here are some awesome wedding invitation ideas you should check out:

Calligraphic Scrawl

Calligraphy has been around for a long time, but using it for personalized wedding card invitations has just become a trend. If you’re a schooled calligrapher who can do pretty scrawls, why not use it to write invites.

If you are a complete newbie who is willing to learn, there are calligraphy classes you can take or online tutorials you can check out. This DIY project is not advised if the day of the wedding is fast approaching because doing every invite by hand will take some time.

Use Envelope Liners

An envelope liner will transform any invitation from drab to fab and is easily one of the easiest DIY methods with endless customizations. It is time-consuming, but there are steps you can take to make the process easier, and with a small army of willing volunteers like family and friends, it can be faster too.

Make sure to look up free templates to have the envelope liners fit, and decide on one design. If you want to go the extra mile, the print for the envelope liners can be made by hand by stamps, watercolor, and more.

Put a Ribbon on It

Ribbons are the most versatile pieces of material for decorations. There truly is beauty in simplicity because they make great last-minute embellishments for DIY wedding invitations.

Simply choose a roll of ribbon with the color of your wedding theme, and make a bow or attach them to the cards for that extra pop of color and timeless elegance. You can choose to attach an extra bauble or two, like textured paper or monogrammed stickers.

Harness the Power of Nature

You can always turn to mother nature for free or low-cost decorations via leaves and flowers. It takes time and dedication to make, prepare, and use pressed flowers and leaves especially if they are needed in large amounts for wedding-card decorations. It is recommended to use the most common flowers and or leaves available nearby and create the simplest designs so that there’s plenty to go around.

Go Rustic with Twine

Twine is a cheap decorating material, but you can never go wrong when you use them in invitation cards. The decorative hemp-twine variant is perfect for a rustic-themed wedding, outdoor, or country wedding. The material goes best with brown cardstock paper or soft cream and other variants and some paper accents. It would look great tied up in a bow or as a seal for the card or envelope.

Go Wax-Sealed

There’s nothing wrong with having plain wedding invitation cards, but if you want to impress would-be guests, what better way to deliver it to them wax sealed? Wax seals have the reputation of putting a classy spin on any kind of correspondence, invitations included. There are a lot of premade wax-seal stamps out there, but if you want to be extra, you can have custom wax seals created to brand the special day.

Some Parting Thoughts

Going the DIY route when it comes to wedding decorations may be a nightmare for some, but to those who are dedicated craft hobbyists or those who simply want to make the occasion special with their own hands, this is a great way to go. If you’re somewhere in the middle and have the means to splurge but want DIY stuff, employ the help of family and friends, which will make the experience a reward in itself as you bond through the process. Know any more ideas for wedding invitations? Be sure to leave comments below.