Summer wedding invitations

Summer is definitely a wedding season but temperatures rising from year to year, make it a chore, only to the thought of wearing a heavy taffeta dress and the groom a tuxedo or a suit with shirt, vest and lavariera. Marriage should not necessarily be a rigid event in which all rules of etiquette must be observed, but it must be a unique event that will represent you and that will be remembered with pleasure, to you and guests.

Wedding invitations are the first card of the event. Invitations that you offer, indicates many of those who receive – they offer clues about the style of wedding that you have.
Thus, if you want a romantic wedding invitation can be printed with delicate flowers and hearts, printed with gold and in the end even discreetly perfumed.

A big wedding is announced with trumpets and a drum-rolled the invitation printed on quality paper with writing in relief and can also provide royal edicts run on a roll, with an elegant ribbon attached.

A less formal wedding invitation as allowed – classical, or comic, as supplemented with text. A modern wedding unconventional can be announced with a game-invitation, which gives an impression that it was designed for a child with type cartoon graphics and vivid colors. Of the dozens of wedding invitations that you will find at our company headquarters are sure to find a suitable style of your wedding, but the couple’s personality.

The text of the invitation is also extremely important. Depending on the model and style of the chosen invitation, it can be: short containing the information strictly necessary, longer if a dance more spacious, and official text or the contrary, a funny shape. If you send printed invitations to strangers, make sure to use their language.

You can use a theme for the summer wedding invitations such as: navy, tropical, exotic, Hawaiian, ocean, sun flower themes and so on. Give them life with vivid colors in tune with the chosen theme. Have fun choosing the wedding invitations summer event planned for you.

Avoid an invitation by mail, fax or phone and is better that they are personally handed over where possible or if not, put them in a different envelope than the invitation and send them by mail.
It is better that they will be sent with a month or month and a half before the event or even two months if the wedding takes place in summer so that guests can plan their vacation taking into consideration your wedding.

A summer wedding can be as great as you make it. Guests will appreciate any change from traditional weddings, ranging from location, your attire, menu and decorations, and especially in terms of invitations you provide. That wedding will certainly last in the memory of all the guests!