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Which Online Vendor Should I Use for My Wedding Invitations?

We already know there are handfuls of fabulous spots online to snag gorgeous wedding invitations – and subsequently – all of the stationery that goes along with it. But, which one should you choose? Which spot will have what you need and fit your budget? What makes each of the sites different? Well, we’ve done a little digging and made the shopping easier for you.

Below you’ll find our favorite online vendors for wedding invitations and all the ins and outs of what they have to offer brides and grooms-to-be.

Best Customization from Basic Invite

Basic Invite Online Invitation Vendor

Basic Invite is truly a place of customization. To understand the term “customization,” each invite has a possibility of being transformed from its original feature using 180 different colors. So, yes, there’s a shade out there that will match the tones you’ve chosen for your wedding. This spot has a really large selection of wedding invitations and, within it, a true array of designs to match any and all couple styles.

They have much more to offer than just the wedding invitations though. You can also snag save-the-dates, enclosure cards, bridal shower invites, thank you’s, holiday, and baby announcements… the list goes on.


The fact that you can get your guests’ addresses printed on envelopes and have your invitations upgraded to gold foil for free is enough to give Basic Invite a more in-depth look – especially if you’re on a budget.

Special Offers

A lot of invitation vendors will have customers pay extra for the upgrade to gold foil, but not at Basic Invite. They offer free custom gold foil, luxurious raised foil, and even offer the on-the-rise, trendy transparent invitations too. And to really wow you, they have rustic invitations made from real wood.

Another element of Basic Invite that we swoon for are the custom samples. Other spots, you can order a sample packet, sure, but here, you can order your invite and hold it in your hands before you commit to the entire purchase.

Be sure to utilize their free website feature as well, where you can easily collect all the addresses of your guests and have them printed directly onto the envelopes you choose to go along with your invitations and thank you cards (For FREE).

Romantic Swirls Clear | $1.49

Basic Invite Romantic Swirls Clear

Exclusive Designs from Shutterfly’s Wedding Shop

Shutterfly took Wedding Paper Divas under their wings and created what’s now known as The Wedding Shop with a brand new collection and a “Best of 2017” award. What’s so great about this spot is that most of the designs in this collection are exclusive – meaning, you won’t be able to find them anywhere else!

This collection has a real luxe, posh appeal which will easily bring the big dreams of brides-to-be to life with ease. Flat cards, photo cards, premium cardstock, there’s a lot of variety that can be found here but wrapped in timeless tradition as well.


Most of their basic invitations fall within the $.95 to $1.04 range which seems to be a sweet spot among couples, fitting most budgets without too much worry. Keep in mind that some upgrades will level up the bottom line but the more invitations you buy, the less the cost per invitation will be.

Special Offers

At any time you can order a free sample kit, shipped completely free to you. Along with the kit, you’ll be privy to other special offers such as a 40% off coupon. But you’ll also be met with a range of unique designs to see and feel, such as those with foil-stamping and fun trims. It’ll be such a help in your process of deciding which design to go with.

Usually, you’ll be able to snag free shipping on orders over $50 and they’re known to run a variety of specials as well, such as an extra 25% off discount so be sure to check for codes before you checkout.

Handcrafted Dreams | as low as $1.39

Shutterfly's Wedding Shop Handcrafted Dreams Invitation

Unique Collections from Minted

Minted Online Invitations Vendor

Minted holds one of the most unique qualities within the online wedding vendor community. Their designs are from their community of independent artists, and that creativity and imagination shine brightly throughout the entire selection. You get a designer with your invitation that will give you an unlimited amount of design rounds on your search for the perfect finished product.

Besides wedding invitations, they offer a host of other big day necessities like party favors, table numbers, picture frames, and more.


When you decided on a Minted design, be prepared to pay a bit more than you would for a more classic design elsewhere. Remember, you’re getting customizable, original works and the artist behind them will be curating the invitation to match your vision.

Special Offers

Not only can you get a curated mixed sample kit here but you can also get a sample of ANY design they have, so you know what you’re getting yourself into before you buy it – or if you even like it at all!

They also have the largest assortment of free wedding website designs that you can sort and sift through, making the community element of your big day even stronger and more organized for all.

Finally, not only will your custom envelopes that match your design be a freebie among your purchase but your guest addressing is free as well.

Fantasy | as low as $2.32

Minted Fantasy Invitations

Simple, Clean, & Bold from Pinhole Press

Pinhole Press Online Invitations Vendor

Pinhole Press offers beautifully simple, photo-based invitations for your wedding and the option to curate an entire line of wedding stationery that matches to create a cohesive element to your planning. This spot is all about the “photo” gift, so, if you really want to utilize your engagement photos in your save-the-date or a snap from the wedding in your thank you, this is definitely the spot to check out.

It’s also a great space for those that enjoy clean lines and no fuss when it comes to the design. This is also a nice route to take for vow renewals, especially because there’s even more focus on the people rather than the event.


When it comes to the prices, their invitations match some of the luxe designs on some other vendors’ sites as nothing dips below $1.19 per invite.

Special Offers

Pinhole Press will usually run different promotions which you can find on the site and snag the code to use at checkout. Some of those promos look like free shipping on orders over $75 or a simple 20% off.

You’ll also have some options with how many photos to show on your invite as well, some designs offer a spot for 2-3 different shots.

Gallery | as low as $2.09

Pinhole Press Gallery Invitations

Eco-Friendly Options from Evermine

Evermine Online Invitation Vendor

From coasters to favor labels, Evermine has a beautiful collection of wedding day accessories and necessities to choose from and coordinate. And what’s really beautiful about their invitation designs is that you can completely customize the word choice while ordering the exact amount needed for everything instead of a fixed number.

Almost all of their products are made in Portland, Oregon using materials made in the U.S.A., and they’re known for their eco-friendly approach with compostable packaging.


Their pricing is quite standard, with flat cards and envelopes as low as $1.55. Die cut shapes or upgraded cardstock will add to your invites cost.

Special Offers

There’s an option to “DIY” your own invite as well. Whether that’s by starting with a photo or a true handmade design, you can upload it and then finish it off using Evermine’s help.

If you’re not great with words, they have a great selection of “word” templates to fit all sorts of designs, which is super helpful for some of us that don’t have the gift of gab or way with words. Instead, these bits and phrases will inspire your own invitation as you customize it.

Also, there was a really neat feature where you can compare all the invitations color options at once. Instead of hinting each of the possibly three, six, or more choices, you can hit the “compare all” button to see all color variations in one viewing.

And finally, there’s an option to request up to six of their invitations to sample at zero cost to you.

Watercolor Wash | as low as $1.55

Evermine Watercolor Wash Invitations

DIY with PurpleTrail

PurpleTrail Online Invitation Vendor

PurpleTrail also has a very customizable focus when it comes to there invitations. You can create your own design using their software or personalize their own options to your liking. They have coordinating options to create a stunning wedding suite and some of the lowest prices throughout the online vendors.

An app you can DIY your own invites on, the option of purchasing keepsake guestbooks, wedding planners that can make organizing and coordinate a bit easier, there are extra bits on PurpleTrail that you may want to take advantage of.


PurpleTrail has one of the most affordable collections around while still giving customers the same choice of luxe papers and printing options as competitors. You’ll find designs starting as low as $.79!

Special Offers

You’ll be able to get your invites in as little as one business day if you need them! You’ll be able to proof your design digitally as well, which is always an added bonus.

Here there’s also a sample option of the actual invitation you’d like to order. So, go ahead, customize your favorite design and then order it to take a look and feel it before you put in the larger purchase.

At PurpleTrail there’s a mini-booklet option that’s so luxurious and packs a real punch. Basically, these are actual, tiny books filled with photos, and fully-customizable text options (with an RSVP card inside as well).

There’s also an app you can download and design your invite on the go!

Boarding Pass | as low as $.89

PurpleTrail Boarding Pass Invitation

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