2017 Wedding Ring Trends

Are you looking for a little bit of inspiration before you drop some subtle hints about an engagement ring? Or, do you simply want to treat yourself to something beautiful? Well, 2017 is going to be a great year for engagement rings and wedding bands. In fact, there are a handful of wedding ring trends you should be keeping an eye on if you want to be wearing something beautiful and stylish. Here’s what will be really popular this year…

Delicate Bands

For some time, standard-width wedding bands and engagement rings have been popular. However, now that minimalism has come to the fore (in fashion, interior design and even lifestyle), it’s no surprise that minimalism is influencing jewellery too. If you like clean lines, simple styles and minimal fuss, you’ll love how popular delicate bands are about to get. Perfect for women with slender or short fingers, delicate bands aren’t the least bit overwhelming. Instead, they show off a slither of silver or a glint of gold when they catch the light just right, making for a very lovely piece of jewellery indeed.

Rose Gold

Rose gold has been popular for well over a year now, with many homewares sporting this eye-catching and flattering tone. However, it’s just as flattering on skin tones too, and rose gold watches and necklaces are being joined by rose gold wedding rings as well. It’s an incredibly feminine metal, with its soft hue and nod towards pink, so don’t be surprised if you see very stylish ladies wearing rose gold rings this year!

Pear-Shaped Diamonds

Pear shaped diamonds haven’t been terribly popular in recent years. But, that’s all set to change in 2017. They’re a fun twist on the traditional ‘classic’ round diamond, and for bonus points, the tear-drop effect of this shape of diamond has a lengthening effect on fingers that are a little on the short side. They’re elegant and classic, so expect to see them being worn by fashionable ladies who love t-length dresses and a retro red lip.

Ethically Sourced Rings

If there’s one thing we’re getting better as the world goes more ‘global’, it’s understanding the importance of sourcing our jewellery, our clothes and our homeware from ethical places. Expect to see an emphasis on conflict-free diamonds, fair trade deals and safe working conditions when it comes to choosing jewellery.

Recycled Rings

Similarly, eco-friendly jewellery is something that’s becoming more and more popular as our awareness of the environment increases. We’re bound to see even more emphasis on recycled materials when choosing wedding rings in 2017. Individuals are choosing rings made from recycled platinum and gold, and some ring makers are even planting bamboo for every ring they create to help aid forest management and water conservation in places such as Bali.

Coloured Diamonds

 Finally, expect to see coloured diamonds everywhere in 2017. While clear diamonds are indisputably beautiful, coloured diamonds will be enjoying the kind of popularity they’ve long deserved. Whether it’s a stunning stone containing just a hint of a blue, a ruby red ring or even a jet black diamond for those of us who love a bit of rock and roll, coloured diamonds make an eye-catching statement and certainly couldn’t ever be accused of being boring.

What do you think of these 2017 wedding ring trends? Will you buy any jewellery that reflects one of these trends, or do you have your eye on something else?