Q: “How Do I Get The Wedding Dance Party Started?”

This is a question we hear all the time. How can you ensure that your wedding reception feels like an all-out party and that everybody will be up on the dance floor having a great time. Not surprising, but picking the right Wedding music is the most important element of making your guests go home saying, “Man, that was a fun wedding.”

Start the Party Early 

Don’t wait to kick off the dance music. Momentum is everything and rather than take a traditional approach and wait till the speeches are made, instead get people up and out of their seats immediately. Having people feel more energetic and excited early is really the key. Bride and groom entering the room should be the signal and after that everybody should be up and dancing.

Get Friends on the Dance Floor

Hopefully you have chosen a fun bridal party because you are going to enlist their help in getting the party started. The key is to get them (all) on the dance-floor as soon as the music starts and then to have them get everybody else up and dancing. Once the dance-floor is full, people will want to dance and not feel left out sitting on the sidelines.

Music Matters. Pick Good Wedding Songs

Even if you have a DJ, spend some time thinking about your wedding music. Put together a do not play list, and a list of songs you definitely want to hear. Then throw in some ideas that you think will get your guests on their feet.