10 Ways to Involve the Groom in Wedding Planning. Yes, No.3 Is Important.

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It’s no secret that a woman’s wedding day is something she has daydreamed about and looked forward to from a very young age. However, sometimes men have a harder time getting excited about the big day. Even if his undying love and commitment are there, a man may find the wedding planning to be more difficult than a woman does. Unlike many women, most men haven’t been dreaming of their big day for years…

Here are 10 foolproof ways to make sure the groom is involved in the planning.

1.      Let Him Pick the Engagement Ring. This one may sound simple, but some women are so sure of the ring they want that they try to take over this key step in the wedding planning. When he is ready to take the step of marrying you, you should take the step of letting him pick out the ring. You can still drop hints to make the ring selection process easier for him. The engagement ring he picks will be a once in a lifetime gift you’ll treasure forever.

 2.      Choose Times to Plan and Times to Relax. One thing that makes wedding planning hard for the groom is that it can quickly become an overwhelming affair and a constant topic of discussion. Make it easier – for BOTH of you – by setting aside certain times for planning and certain times for relaxing. You may chose to make Wednesday your planning day, or to reserve Saturday as a day of rest from the decision-making.

 3.      Let His Friends Have Input. You are undoubtedly getting your girls’ advice – so let him get some great advice from his friends as well. The groomsmen, especially the married ones, might know of helpful ways to make the big day guy-friendly.

 4.      Involve His Family. If the entire wedding planning committee consists of you, your mom, and your sister, the groom is understandably going to feel left out. Make sure to ask his family for advice, input, and help. The groom will have a much easier time getting involved in the planning if his loved ones are also part of the team. This will help ensure he’ll feel more involved in the process.

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 5.      Be Open to His Ideas. There’s nothing that will make a groom quit trying faster than having all his ideas shot down. The things he thinks of may be outside the box – but that can be a good thing! Make sure you take his ideas seriously instead of simply planning according to your own desires. Try to keep in mind that it’s his wedding too.

 6.      Make Part of the Wedding About Him. Weddings are typically all about the bride, so one sure way to get your fiancée involved is to make some of the wedding about him. Does he love country music? Let him pick some songs for the dancing. Is he handy? Have him build a beanbag toss board for the reception. Find ways to let your man express himself throughout the wedding.

 7.      Let Him Take Over One Area. If your fiancée has a passion in a certain area, such as décor, food, or music, let him handle that aspect. If he’s a video editor, let him prepare a video with music to be played at the reception. If he loves to travel, let him plan the honeymoon. By sharing the responsibilities with him you’ll help him feel needed without feeling overwhelmed.

 8.      Give Him Choices. If your fiancée isn’t interested in taking over an entire area of the wedding, give him some input by showing him options and letting him choose. Some men do better with specific questions like ‘Do you like lilies or roses?’ than they do with broader questions like ‘What flowers do you want?’ Break things down and let him choose between options.

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 9.      Keep Things Simple. Your fiancée can be a big help in keeping things simple. Because many men are practical by nature, they can help you de-stress and not sweat the small stuff. When you focus on keeping things simple, both you and your fiancée will have more fun with the plans.

 10.  Laugh. A Lot. One way to keep both of you more involved – and sane – is to have fun in the planning process. There are some aspects of wedding planning that are just funny! Without being mean-spirited, allow yourself to laugh at your slips, mistakes, and funny moments. Keeping the planning light-hearted will make it easier for both of you.

 Wedding planning can be very stressful for everyone. By keeping the groom involved, you’ll not only be sharing the load but you’ll be reminded that the wedding is ultimately just a single day; it’s the marriage that’s for the rest of your life. Make choices together, keep it simple, and involve his friends and family as well as yours. Most of all have fun, it’s your wedding! Happy wedding planning!

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