Q: “What Are Some Ways to Cut Costs of a Wedding?”

Weddings are like eating at a fine restaurant.  You want to order the lobster but are unsure how paying “MP” will affect you.  Just like the variable nature of market price of our northeastern crustaceans, weddings have a lot of gray area that you can cut out without ordering the soup and salad.

Invite Less People

While that may sound like an obvious choice leaving you wondering why you’re even reading this, a mistake most couples make is inviting those people who really don’t need to be there.  If you’re struggling with a budget, maybe inviting that childhood friend that you haven’t spoke to since the 7th grade isn’t necessary.  Sure, you had some tight bonds in elementary school and used to tell stories about how your glamorous your wedding days were going to be, but if you find yourself unable to pick out him or her from a lineup or even know what they do for a living, they probably don’t need to be there.  Guest lists are like clothes.  If you haven’t worn them in years, it’s time to give them away.  Unless their family.  Those people won’t go away.  Try keeping your invitations to 150 people or less.

Band versus DJ

Bands are conventionally observed as a more classic, upscale venue for your reception and while you could save the most money from getting any DJ not named DeadMau5, you don’t necessarily have to find your guests doing the chicken dance on your wedding night. Bands can range from 2-13 pieces and obviously the more people involved in the band, the costlier they’ll be. Try finding a band that is more simplified. The White Stripes were a brother-sister duo and they rocked. Just because there are less people doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time. A 1 drummer/1 guitarist-vocalist band can still get the crowd on the dance floor like nobody’s business.

Golden Corral or Morton’s

Buffets seem to be the obvious choice for saving money, but in all actuality they do not end up saving that much per person. You can save money by limiting the choices for your guests. The more options, the higher the cost. Try a simple fish/meat menu and pair down the hors d’ouerves to just a few options as well. The more streamlined the menu will typically cut costs from the caterer. Also cut out superfluous things like Champagne toasts and an extravagant cake. Let’s be honest, while your friends might be there to drink it most likely isn’t the champagne and you can get away with fancy made cupcakes at a fraction of the cost of an extravagant cake which nothing but your spouse’s side of the family eats (you know who you are.)

There are many things you can do to make your wedding classy without breaking the bank. A little practical thinking and making hard decisions will help keep your budget down and your financial freedom up.