The Five Most Popular Colour Themes for UK Weddings

Every colour has its connotations. These inform what we think of and feel when we see its various hues and shades, and when it comes to creating your wedding, the palette that you choose will heavily impact the mood and aesthetic of your nuptials. With so much riding on it, you need to pick wisely. Colours that say something about you and your relationship are always a lovely, personal choice, but sometimes it can be hard to settle on the ones that best represent you.If you’re in need of a little inspiration, then here are five of the most popular wedding colour themes in the UK…

#1: Pink
Typically associated with femininity and love, pink represents care and compassion, making it a perfect choice for lots of new spouses. Ranging in intensity from delicate pastel pinks to rich vibrant magenta, it can be incorporated in a shade to complement your aesthetic, adding the perfect hint of romance to the proceedings.

#2: Red
Red is another colour that's strongly associated with romance, but whereas pink symbolises a gentle, nurturing affection, red is far more passionate, making it an ideal choice for fiery, tempestuous couples. Exquisitely elegant when combined with ivory or cream, it is vibrant yet sophisticated, and can be the perfect backdrop to a well-thought out big day.

#3: Purple
Throughout history, purple has been the colour of the powerful and the noble, and it adds a touch of luxury to any proceeding. Combined with gold it is the perfect ode to opulence and ceremony, and for those who want to celebrate their day in style, it can be the optimum choice. Beautiful paired with pinks or creams, or as a monochromatic palette of its various hues, it can be a wonderful accent for stylish, high-flying couples.

#4: Blue
Blue is associated with calmness and serenity, and has traditionally represented loyalty and trust. For couples who personify these qualities it can be a lovely choice, and it looks exceedingly good in most settings. Muted pastels are perfect for more traditional affairs, but even bright aqua and turquoise can have their place in a livelier setting.

#5: Green
Green represents nature and fertility, and was once believed to omen a successful marriage when incorporated into the wedding ceremony. For those who have a love of the great outdoors and a vital, earthy personality, it can be the ideal colour accent, offering something a little different and more reflective of you than more traditional choices.

From your bridesmaid dresses to your bouquet, which colour scheme will you incorporate into your wedding?