How To Prepare For The Big Day

Everything is sorted. You’ve got the venue, the caterers, the band and the church all booked and the invitations all sent out. Now the only thing left to do is have a wedding, right? Well, hold your horses. You might have all of the main events sorted, but there is still a lot of preparation to do in the meantime, especially when it comes to looking your best. So, here are some tips to make sure you’re prepared for the big day:

Get the dress fitted

Our bodies change size all the time. A few inches here and there don’t seem like a big difference in context, but when you’re wearing a dress that costs almost as much as your first car, you’re going to want it to fit like you were born wearing it. During the months leading up to a wedding, there are all sorts of factors that could affect our weight, especially stress. So, the dress that fit you three months ago might not fit you on the day. Make sure you keep track of any fluctuations in your weight and get the dress refitted when necessary otherwise your wedding morning will start out in a storm of pins and scissors.

Start a beauty routine at least a few months before the wedding

Of course, we all wish there was a magical cream we could just rub on that would turn us into Scarlett Johansson, but sadly that cream doesn’t yet exist. So, in the meantime, you should get started on a beauty routine early enough for it to take effect. If you decide to slap on your designer face cream the night before the wedding you’re not going to see much in terms of results on the day. So, get your skin looking clear and radiant by treating it well, keeping it clean and starting your professional skin treatments early. You never know when you might be allergic to a product, so it’s best to find out early so you don’t end up walking down the aisle with a face that looks like you got stung by 100 bees.

Get the makeup and hair right

If you’re intending to get a professional hairdresser or makeup artists to get you ready on the day you shouldn’t leave it to the last minute to find the right one. Every stylist has their own strengths, weaknesses, and styles, and you never know which one will be right for you until you try them out. So, instead of meeting them on the day, meet up with them at least a month or so in advance and have a ‘dress rehearsal’ so you know exactly what your hair and face will look like. If you’re intending on doing your own hair and makeup, however, you definitely need to practice. Youtube tutorials won’t help you when your two minutes away from walking down the aisle and you’ve accidentally knotted your hands into your hair.

Don’t forget the groom

We all tend to think that if the bride is happy then everyone’s happy, but the truth is that the groom is just as important and if he’s not feeling like the star of the show then there’s something not right. A wedding day is a day for two people, so spending a bit extra to make sure you’re both comfortable and happy will all be worth it in the end. That might mean being treated to a beautiful pair of cufflinks, or maybe it means getting a nice shave. No one wants to have a wedding while they’re self-conscious or stressed, so both the bride and the groom should feel equally spoilt when the big day arrives.