Tips for Perfect Save The Date Cards

Save the Date cards are the first correspondence that you have with your wedding guests and they give those guests the first impression of what your wedding will be like. So, naturally, you want to get these cards just right. If you want to be a Save the Date pro, you need to keep some important things in mind like stationary, your guest list, and sending schedule. However, regardless of when you are sending them out and who you are sending them to, it all has to start with an idea for the cards themselves, which comes down to the photos and card design. So here are some helpful hints on how to handle these elements to ensure that you end up with perfect Save the Date cards.

The Photos

Your pictures are the “selling point,” if you will, for your Save the Date cards. Think of the types of poses that you would like to have and the type of background well beforehand. Do you want your faces to be clearly featured and looking straight at the camera, or do you want a less posed, more natural look? What kind of lighting do you want to have – sunset or mid-day? And do you want to pick a photo location purely for aesthetic purposes, or do you want it to have meaning – for example, where your partner proposed? All of these elements need to be considered well ahead of the first snapped picture.

As for the types of poses that you want to attempt, if you aren’t sure where to start, Pinterest has a lot of really original and cute Save the Date photo ideas to get your creativity flowing. Just be sure to adapt ideas to your own taste and give it your own touch of personality; in the end you want photos that reflect the two of you.

If you can, take the pictures with someone that you feel comfortable with. You will end up with a lot more natural pictures, as it allows you to just be yourselves throughout the photo-taking session. It will also negate any potential awkwardness or uncomfortable feelings of kissing and being intimate in front of a total stranger, which can come across in the photos. If you want a more DIY approach to taking professional photos, then be sure to read these useful tips concerning what equipment, camera settings, and editing programs are necessary to take high-quality images.

The Design

People often think of a theme for the card even before the photos, allowing it to inform the type of photos that will be taken. Others, however, choose to pick a design layout after they have selected the pictures that they like. Either way works, just remember that you want it to be eye-catching and memorable. The theme is usually a preview of your wedding itself, so if you are going rustic or French country, this is an opportunity to tap into that with a few rustic hints or accents from your color scheme.

If you don’t have the time or ability to design the cards yourself, then there are many sites available with established templates that can help you achieve a great-looking card without any hassle; you simply need to input your desired photos, choose colors and fonts, and play around with the layout until it looks perfect. Most of these sites, like vistaprint, will print and deliver your order with fast and free shipping options, as well as satisfaction guarantees, ensuring that if your order doesn’t arrive looking exactly the way that you wanted it to, then you won’t be stuck with the failed expenses.

In the end, just enjoy the time together and feel free to play around with multiple ideas. Aside from getting great material for your Save the Date cards, you will end up with many precious photos of the two of you, which is worthwhile beyond the cards themselves. Remember to relax, have fun, and let your love shine through.