Wedding Beauty Countdown: How to Prep by the Week

The weeks leading up to your wedding can be the most stressful. You’re worrying if you’ve prepared your venue, your catering, and your wedding party, on top of getting your own beauty prep ready for the big day. When it comes to looking your best for your wedding, you have to start preparing weeks in advance. Having the right schedule is the perfect way to prepare for your wedding day and keep your stress level under control. Here’s how to prep by the week to look the best for your wedding!

Months Before Your Wedding

Now is the time to lay the groundwork for your wedding day. Ideally, this is when you should begin a new workout regimen or weight loss plan if that’s one of your goals. If you’re struggling with acne or unwanted facial spots, this is the best time to book an appointment with a dermatologist who can create a plan for targeting these issues. It’s important to do these appointments in advance because you might need several sessions to start seeing the effects.

At 6-4 months is also when you should begin your wedding registry! This gives your guests ample time to choose a thoughtful gift, and you and your partner can choose items that speak to both of your styles. Using a wedding registry service like Target Wedding Registry – Blueprint Registry can make this process pain free.

3 Months Before Your Wedding

At three months is when you’ll want to prepare things like your hair and nails. You should be booking appointments that you’ll need closer to the date of your wedding. If you’re getting your eyebrows tinted, now is the time to begin working with a groomer to determine the best look for your face. This might take a few different tries which is why it’s essential you start early.

You should also begin doing test runs with your hair stylist. Your stylist will need to be comfortable working with your hair, and you’ll want to make sure your ideal style can hold up throughout your whole wedding event. Trials are the perfect way to rest assured knowing your wedding day will run smoothly. Think of these appointments like dress rehearsals before the big thing!

If you haven’t finalized your honeymoon plans, now is the time to get those locked down. Whether you plan to book a one-way charter flight to an exotic destination or take a relaxing trip to a mountain retreat, you need to prepare all your arrangements before your big day to avoid unwanted changes!

8 – 6 Weeks Before Your Wedding

Now that your wedding is under two months away, your prep should be well underway. Continue to do trials with beauty professionals to ensure everything is perfect for the big day. If you’re considering a spray tan, test the perfect shade. If you’re having your tan done by a professional, this might take several appointments. If you’re opting for self-tanner, you have more flexibility but will still want to have time to try different shades and brands.

You’ll also want to make arrangements to try your wedding day makeup with your makeup stylist. Prepare photos and ideas in advance to save time, and book appointments with your beauty stylist to ensure you both understand the look you’re trying to achieve. Now is the time to speak up about things that don’t look perfect to you while you still have time.

4 – 2 Weeks Before Your Wedding

Now that you’re in the final stages of wedding planning, you’ll need to start on your last-minute beauty preparations. This means you might book an appointment with your dentist for a teeth whitening treatment or visit a professional for a skin-clearing facial. You might be due for a color touch-up on your hair as well, and this is something you should have taken care of before the final week.

The Week of Your Wedding

It’s crunch time! With your wedding only seven days away, it’s time to get serious about your beauty prep. Either visit a nail salon who can give you a gorgeous, strong manicure or do one yourself with 14 days lasting gel nail polish. You might want to book a last minute facial or massage to reduce redness or irritation. Be careful when doing treatments like waxing that might cause redness or swelling. Experts recommend waxing 48 hours in advance so there’s time for any irritation to go down before you need to look your best.

Preparing For Your Big Day!

Preparing for your big day is a lot of work! The earlier you start your beauty prep, the more prepared you’ll feel to look your best. On the day of your wedding, you’ll know you’ve already got the right plan in place to look and feel your best. Be sure to get plenty of sleep and eat a balanced diet to look your best the week of the big event. Remember, while beauty is important, your happiness and excitement will shine through most of all!