7 Factors to Consider Before Planning a Winter Wedding

For most brides, the notion of throwing a winter wedding feels more than a little crazy. If you don’t live in the Bahamas, there’s simply no way to guarantee a smooth ride. Even if the rain can be trusted to keep its distance, there may still be strong winds to contend with.

You’re probably asking yourself, ‘Who would take the risk of throwing a wedding in winter in the first place?’ Well, the answer might surprise you. The number of couples choosing to tie the knot at this time of the year has increased, because this is when all the best deals can be exploited. As business is slow for wedding vendors during the winter, they’re much more likely to offer couples big discounts.

If you are currently thinking about a winter wedding, there are a few things that you should consider first.

A Marquee is a Must
While it is certainly not impossible to hold an outdoor wedding in winter, you will need a strong marquee if you plan to do so. Fortunately, there are plenty of marquee hire experts who can help you pick out a shelter that is as sturdy as it is stylish. If fact, even if your ceremony is indoors, you’ll need a marquee if you expect guests to hang around for photos in the cold.

Big Deals Are Everywhere
As already discussed, winter is a great time to grab a bargain. From your DJ to the transportation, the photographer, the venue, and the décor; you’ll find that suppliers are much more accommodating when business is slow. The one thing that you might struggle to get at a knockdown price is flowers. There are not as many varieties in season, so you may even have to pay a higher price than usual.

Think Worst Case Scenarios
It is highly unlikely that the weather would ever turn out to be so bad it forced a cancellation. However, if you’re going to plan a big event for the winter, you do need to have a contingency plan in place. Yes, it would be devastating to have to cancel your wedding, but it would be even worse to do so with no backup plan. So, discuss emergency scenarios with your venue, entertainment, caterers, and photographer. Ask them if they’d be willing to reschedule in the unlikely event of a cancellation.

Embrace the Season
It would be silly to plan a wedding in the winter and then go shopping for flesh baring dresses, without coats, shrugs, or furs. If you’re going to pick this season for your big day, you need to be prepared for it. Wear a jacket to the venue and then take it off before you walk down the aisle; you can have a friend or family member look after it for you. Whether it’s snowflakes, a winter wonderland theme, or an electric blue colour palette; don’t be afraid to embrace it.

Consider External Factors
Just because most vendors offer big discounts during the winter, it doesn’t mean that everything you buy will be so cheap. For instance, airfares tend to go up in the winter because people are jetting off to escape the cold. So, keep a close eye on flight prices and try to book midweek, if possible. It is often cheaper, as not everybody can fly during the week. Also, consider the fact that things like flowers will always be more expensive when bought around Valentine’s Day.

History is a Friend
There is no sure fire way to guarantee that it won’t rain or snow on your winter wedding day. However, what you can do is track meteorological data from the past to make a decision about the most and least risky dates. There are a lot of resources online that allow couples to browse historical weather patterns. So, if you know that it hasn’t rained on January 7 th for three years, it’s probably a good choice.

Winter Is All Teeth
The reality is that couples successfully tie the knot in the winter all the time. If you are happy to plan for unpredictability, it can actually be a really cool time of the year to get hitched. As long as the rain stays away, the air should be crisp and clean. You might be able to see your breath as you exit the church, but a warm reception and a big dinner will soon take care of that. In other words, don’t be afraid of winter; you can make it work for your wedding.