Wedding planning tips and mistakes

Our central idea on which we have decided to create this interesting topic is that concerning wedding planning. Although brides may have the impression that they know everything, sometimes they do need a helping hand of a wedding planner, but if they really insist on renouncing to this helping hand they tend to do mistakes. What are the most common mistakes that they usually do? We have solutions for everything and in this way maybe you are going to end up doing the right choices.
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Don’t rush with making the wedding attendants list and don’t send the wedding invitations

We know that you are anxious for establishing the dates and the list, also making all the arrangements for the wedding reception venue and not only. Please take your time, because you do not know what can happen and there can be some extra people invited at your wedding, without you being aware of them.

Set up a wedding theme, in what dimensions you intend on making the wedding day and you have to decide in enough time if you want it to be more intimate or to be surrounded by grandeur and fancy things. Of course, if it happens for you to decide on a smaller wedding reception and you have rented the appropriate salon for this ceremony, then make sure that you have spoken with your parents in due time and that they didn’t invite some extra guests in your wedding ceremony.

wedding planning tips and mistakesCredit
Wedding planning tips and mistakes

The decisions that you make should be made together, with all your parents and relatives and it’s important to make up your mind on the number of people you expect to come in the bridal day, especially at the wedding reception – because it’s a matter of seats, food quantity and so on….

There is always the possibility of changing the themes and colors in your wedding reception venue

Brides and grooms always change their mind in what concerns the colors used in their wedding receptions. If at the beginning they have imagined something based on white, pink and grey with lots of flowers around. After a while, there can be the possibility of applying for some other colors, like that of orchids and precious stones. It’s not hard to make up your mind on particular colors for the wedding reception, but the main thing that is important is how to use them in the wedding reception venue. If the space is not destined for such tones, what needs to be done? The main thing is to work on details. You can change the details and things or model others. If the color of the cloth covering the table dissatisfies you, then you can talk with the florist and he can help you with some wedding flower arrangements that have a fresh new air.

Be on the lookout for unique and original wedding receptions

This is not a hard task at all; in fact it’s the most encountered goal of couples nowadays! Organizing their wedding receptions and spaces in order for these to look closer to what they have wished for all their lives. Wedding planning that is realized in your own hands won’t seem something impossible, as long as you take into account some of our pieces of advice. Of course, no one has the native gift of being a wedding planner, but in the same time if you try hard, then we don’t see any difficulties in you succeeding in what you are doing.

Do it yourself wedding

More and more couples tend to apply for wedding planning done on their “backs”. This meaning that they want all the time to make the difference with their wedding – this is for those who really want to make the difference. This means that you will have all your nerves involved and it’s better to be prepared to confront all the problems with fresh air. Also, be sure you charge your batteries before you intend on continuing with the process of wedding planning. Pick the things that you have on the list and that you like pretty much and if you know where to look in the bridal shops, there will be details and wedding elements that are already made and according to the budget and taste you already have taken into account –but on the other hand, there can be the opposite situation, in which you are not going to find anything you are looking for and this means that you have the nerves consumed.

The budget is essential in wedding receptions and wedding planning

Establish in due time a sum and start organizing the wedding reception – the budget of a wedding can turn out to be a really stressful thing and its “dimensions” will totally scare some of you. Talk with your partner and see where you can cut and reduce the wedding budget, will you?