Wedding Planning Tips

Why Officiants Love Wedding Planners and Why You Will Too

A wedding planner is a wonderful asset. This endorsement may sound odd coming from a wedding officiant, but I can tell you that, from my perspective as an officiant, wedding ceremonies with planners go much more smoothly.

Things are tough all over and for everybody, so a bride and groom may consider foregoing the planner and tending to the details themselves, or to a reliable friend, but honestly, with all the money being spent on the wedding, this is one area where your money is well spent.

Frequently, wedding planners have a preferred list of vendors they know they can rely on for excellence, and so if you go with a planner, you’re more than likely going to get your

A wedding officiant and planner working together on a wedding

officiant, florist, photographer, and maybe even your music vendor at a reduced rate as a courtesy to the planner who referred them to the couple. These discounts may end up practically paying for the planner.

Planners think of every detail and communicate them to every wedding member involved. They have a cool head, and won’t let the bridezilla in you rear its ugly head because planners eliminate that stress in the first place.

Your planner will explain every last detail to every participant involved so that misunderstandings between vendors and the couple are minimized if not completely eliminated. Maybe couples don’t think of the officiant as someone to consider, but keep these next few examples in mind to see what can go awry if you don’t have someone paying close attention to your change of plans.

Despite having a contract with my couples, and providing them with a word for word copy of their ceremony weeks if not months prior to their wedding date , there are still occasions when I’m at the helm about to officiate, and a unity candle or sand kit is presented unexpectedly. It seems obvious I know, but if it isn’t in the agreed upon ceremony, it isn’t going to happen, especially if you didn’t pay for it. A planner would have made sure your officiant knew of your change of plans if you forgot to communicate that to your officiant.
Another faux pas is setting the time. Whatever time is on the contract with your officiant is the time the wedding is going to happen. Officiants usually have multiple weddings on any given day and the change of even a half hour either way may preclude an officiant from being able to officiate your wedding. And you won’t be able to expect a refund either. No officiant, no wedding ceremony, it kind of kills the day. A planner will make sure this detail is made crystal clear and more than likely will put the couple on a schedule so that everything runs smoothly and on time that day.

Everyone loves a beach ceremony. They are so romantic, and pleasant for everyone. And what is more adorable than your five year old son, daughter, niece, or nephew being the ring carrier? Do I have to spell this one out? Without someone to dutifully make sure those rings are securely on that pillow, well, imagine the entire party on its hands and knees searching for your wedding bands in the sand. Trust me, it happens. The officiant will remind you to take care of this detail, but the planner will make certain it’s been taken care of.

These points are only from an officiants point of view, but think of all the mishaps that will be avoided when multiplied by every vendor you have. Their focus is on their aspect of your day. The planner’s focus is on your entire day. A good one is worth her/his weight in gold.