7 Memorable Ways to Jazz up Your Wedding Reception


Planning a wedding is an experience that can’t really be compared with anything else. Not only does it require a huge amount of time, effort, and cash, it also needs a lot of emotional investment. For most people, it is a hugely enjoyable process, but a very exhausting one too.

This is why it can really help to start with simple, relaxed ideas. Instead of trying to organise a complicated sit-down meal for a hundred guests, swap it for a fun, casual buffet. Rather than spending time trying to keep guests entertained, encourage them to get involved by writing down requests for their favourite songs, making their own DIY party favours, or mixing up unique cocktails.

The possibilities are endless because it is your big day and your chance to get creative and let your personality shine. For some cool wedding reception ideas, keep reading this guide to making your party pop.

  1. Hire a Photo Booth

You can hire a fun photo booth from Platinum Snap and get your reception guests making plenty of silly, cute, romantic, and champagne tipsy memories. These delightful devices are easy to set up because the company delivers the booth right to your reception and will install it in time for the party.

  1. Keep the Little Ones Happy

One of the biggest challenges for couples is deciding whether or not they want younger children at their reception. This can be tough because kids get bored very easily and could probably care less about how fancy your wedding cake is or whether it’s time for the first dance. To keep younger guests entertained, set up a special area with small toys, colouring supplies, and other fun things.

  1. Give Your Toasters a Pep Talk

The toasts are always an exciting part of a wedding reception. They can get very emotional and they tend to be one of the things that guests remember for years to come. Nevertheless, you don’t want speeches to go on for too long because people will get fidgety. Ask all toasters to limit their contribution to 2-3 minutes, so that the impact is even more powerful.

  1. Get Creative with Party Favours

These days, couples feel a lot more comfortable getting creative with their party favours. Gone are the formal mementoes and, in their place, cute DIY trinkets, crafty gifts, and humorous accessories have become the new norm. If your guests are an arty bunch, why not give them some supplies and set up a station where they can put together their own special keepsakes?

  1. Hold a Welcome Dinner

It is quite common for wedding guest lists to include people that the bride and groom haven’t actually seen in a long time. This might be faraway relatives, old school friends, or other acquaintances who have moved away. To get everybody relaxed, comfortable, and feeling good about the reception, you could hold a small, simple dinner or garden party at your home in the days before the wedding.

  1. Choose Simple, Loveable Eats

You don’t have to opt for a three course sit down dinner if it doesn’t feel like you. While lots of couples relish the chance to do things formally, it can be just as fun to set up a yummy buffet full of comfort food favourites like French fries, mini burgers, and chicken wings. Include a topping station, so that guests can customise their meals.

  1. Plan an ‘End of the Night’ Surprise

It can be tough encouraging guests to stay until the end of the party. Most will have been at the ceremony as well and this makes for a very long day indeed. However, you can increase the chance of friends and relatives sticking around by teasing them with a promise of a special end of night treat or surprise. It could be a silly karaoke performance, a dazzling dance routine, or just a big, colourful reception exit.

Why a Photo Booth Is a Great Way to Create Lasting Memories

Photo booths are perfect for big parties and wedding receptions because they leave guests with a lasting reminder of the experience. They also have a retro appeal and evoke memories of youth and school days. Get your friends and loved ones to pile inside and create some silly, crazy, unforgettable wedding keepsakes.