Q: What Does The Wedding Garter Tradition Involve?

The garter toss is a wedding tradition that takes place during the reception, usually after the bouquet toss. The bride sits down on a chair so the groom can remove the garter from her leg. Depending on the type of wedding and how “brave” the groom is, he removes the garter with one hand, both hands, or his teeth. Some grooms stick their whole heads under their new wives’ gowns to retrieve the garter. The unmarried men at the reception subsequently gather in a group so the groom can toss the garter. Whoever catches the garter must put it on the woman who caught the bouquet. It is usually the boyfriend of the bouquet catcher that tries to obtain the garter so he can put it on his girlfriend. This does not always happen, however! Generally, a whole lot of hollering occurs as the groom takes the garter off and the garter catcher places the object on the woman who caught the bouquet.

The couple who caught the bouquet and garter dance after the “ceremony” is over, as they are supposed to be the next lucky couple to marry.