Father of The Bride Toast – Writing For Your Daughter’s Biggest Day

father of bride toast

Taking the opportunity of making a father of the bride toast is a huge moment for both of you. In many modern weddings, the father of the bride is expected to make the first speech at the reception. You may be wondering just how this sort of speech should read.

Here, we have a few tips for you. We will give you a simple structure that you can follow for your father of the bride toast. You can also find some examples to use for inspiration.

Structure of a good Father of the Bride Toast

Getting the structure down for your father of the bride toast is not that difficult.

  1. Normally, you will start out with a welcome to everybody.
  2. Add in a thank you to all attendees for being at the wedding.
  3. Entertain them with a few sentences or stories about your daughter.
  4. Next, turn your attention to saying a few words about your new son-in-law.
  5. The final part of your speech should be the toast itself.

Remember that you can also add in a bit of tasteful humor at a few points. Right at the beginning is a good place for it.

Father of the Bride Toast Examples

Marriages mark a new beginning in life. Driving home from the hospital after Lisa was born was also a new beginning in life for me. Being the father of a girl seemed overwhelming, but anticipation for her life helped me overcome my fears. Our relationship grew. I found myself working hard to be a father worthy of such a daughter.

Today, is yet another new beginning. [Bride] and [Groom], today, start a brand new family. Like me, feeling a bit overwhelmed, but those feelings will disappear as they anticipate their life together and as they work to build a relationship that will last forever.

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Be true to each other. Share both joys and struggles. Love much and laugh often. Always remain each other’s best friend. Speak well of each other, even in private. When things do not go well, forgive. Married life is an adventure that today you embark upon together. Even though you are individuals, your vows make the couple itself more important than either of you separately.

One day, if you are fortunate, you will stand to see a new life joining your family. That will be yet another new beginning. Bring to that relationship the same love and commitment you do to your relationship, and you will find happiness beyond compare.

Today, your friends and family are here with you as you begin something new and wonderful. Keep your promises, and you will find a sense of joy and wonder that exceeds all you have known before. With everything within me, I offer yow congratulations and well wishes as you begin one of the greatest adventures that life has to offer.

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Joan asked me to keep my speech short, that’s not a problem. Joan asked that I be polite, not goes without saying, and she asked me to be politically correct, why not? I’ll start with politically correct. Allegedly, I have said and done some things in the past that would send Dr.Phil and Oprah screaming off into the night. But with age, has come sensitivity training and with sensitivity training gives me the privilege to welcome Kelly into the family.

Kelly, welcome. I just want to know this bus shouldn’t stop at railway crossings. When Kathy was growing up, we really never had a lot of trouble with the boys with Mohawk haircuts or purple hair or excessive body yard or body piercings. We worked her way through her fair share of boys that had some sort of extra hole in their head and maybe more of a purple haze around their hair than in it.

But when Kathy moved to Banff and notified us she had a new boyfriend. This one seemingly came with all the bells and whistles that you would expect in a shiny new model. Kelly had an education, a job, he had a positive outlook, he had goals, sense of direction and a sense of humor, all nicely wrapped up and washed and driving through the countryside of Alberta in a brand-new pickup truck.

Well, Joan did what any mother would do and quickly asked for an email of the picture of the truck. When the reply came, it was the first of our fears. It was a Dodge and beside that Dodge was Kelly in a Calgary Flames jersey. That was enough for me, I headed to the wine cellar. So, since then I’ve got to know Kelly better and I see the way that Kathy looks at Kelly. And a friend that’s here tonight, she said over dinner about year ago that when you’re happy you smile but when you’re really happy your eyes smile.

Well, I’ve seen the way Kathy’s eyes smile at Kelly and I see the way that Kelly looks back at he, kind of like that Labrador retriever listening to a high-pitched whistle but it’s close enough for me Kelly. But together, they brought in a wonderful baby boy and he’s as happy a baby that Joan and I have ever seen. And together for us, they close the loop today. They become one and I was hoping to stand here with some profound statement to make my daughter’s wedding day some one-liner that you would carry on the rest your life with and at some point say, “My dad told me on my wedding day this.”

And what I can think of is “Don’t ever eat anything from a food machine with mayonnaise in it.” We’re getting close. When Kathy was young though, she would never wear anything but dresses and the brighter, and the frillier, and the pretty the more she liked them.

But since then, she said graduation dresses and party dresses and your mother and I want you to know — I’m going to bite my lip a little bit — that you’ve never looked prettier in a dress than you do today. So, I would like everybody to join me in a toast to Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Larkin. In closing I’ll say this, Kathy and Kelly has had people fly from the East Coast, the West Coast and just about everywhere in between. And I think that’s a testament to the fine people they are.

I don’t know where you’re all sitting and I I’m glad that everybody is here today and it’s nice to see all faces. But for the people that traveled the extra way and the extra cost, a special thank you to you. I don’t know where you’re all sitting, but to Allen and Burda, and I’ll show you where we are, Alberta. For God’s sakes, Alberta. Thank you.

Here is another father of the bride toast that can help you getting inspired. Also if you need some proffesional help you can use the link below.
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Making Your Daughter’s Day Special

Creating a fantastic father of the bride speech is very important. Why? We are sure that you wish to make your daughter’s big day truly special. Give her a short speech that she will always remember and look back fondly upon. Doing so is sure to make her eyes light up on her wedding day.

Surprising her with such a speech will delight her even more. Even better, if only takes a little bit of effort to craft something that is truly special. If you would like to see other examples of heartfelt speeches like the one above we have great examples and templates to write a great father of the bride toast.

There you can find jokes, examples, structural ideas, and more that you can put to good use. Your daughter will be more than happy that you did.

Are you nervous? Afraid you might forget the words? Not sure if you can do it in front of all those people? Still do not know what to write to be witty and funny? Check out our Total Guide to Wedding Speeches & Toasts.