Putting together a mother of the bride speech is no easy task, unless you’ve already done it before of course at an older sibling’s wedding.

If it is your first time giving away your daughter – or speaking at a wedding, you might be wondering what it is you actually need to include in a mother of the bride speech. Well, they’re pretty much the same as a father of the bride speech and the long and short of it is: anything you want to!

The obvious thanks and well wishes to those for coming should be included, congratulating your daughter and her new husband on their marriage, wishing them a long and happy future together, and some words of advice to take forward into the married life.

If you’re not a confident speaker in front of people, you may opt for a mother of the bride speech template that is short, or you may decide a funny mother of the bride speech is the way to go.

You might love the stage and go completely left field and deliver something unusual to mark the special day – the choice is all yours.

There are plenty of mother of the bride samples which you use to tailor your speech into some personal, funny and impressive. And you can also take inspiration from what has been done before by fellow mothers of the bride.

Get the mixture right between heaping praise on your daughter and her new husband, the emotions of seeing your daughter become a married woman and some jokes and stories about her time growing up and your relationship with her. At more than 11 minutes long, this speech is a good example of the time you’ll be speaking if you include all aspects of her life in your speech.

Don’t be afraid to keep it brief. This one happens to be less than a minute. Just say a few words, or tell a quick joke and just wish your daughter all the best. This type of mother of the bride speech usually takes place after a father of the bride speech.

Embarrassing your new son-in-law is all part and parcel of a mother of the bride speech. So go ahead and tell a story to leave him a little red-faced. But do welcome him to the family along with his parents too.

Keep it simple. Cover the basics and you’ll have done your job.

Remember, it a mother of the bride speech doesn’t have to be just that – standing up and talking. If you’re more of a performer, follower this woman’s lead and deliver it in song.

And if you don’t like talking and delivering a speech in front of people like this mother of the bride didn’t, just turn your speech into a rap and perform it in a way you’re entirely comfortable doing. This video may be a little shaky, but you’ll certainly get an idea of what can be achieved if you want to come up with something extra special for your daughter’s wedding.