Aromatherapy for losing weight

Aromatherapy together with using sheets is effective for reducing some inches from your body. Besides loosing weight, you also detoxify your organism; you obtain a softer and stronger skin. In order to have great results, you must do about 10 or 12 sessions of this kind of treatment.

This way of treatment is based on the hot-cold effect. Oils obtained from plants, such as: piper, eucalypt, rosemary, or mint give the blood a better circulation. In the internal layers of the body, a sensation of sudden cold is given. It is known that the interior with the exterior should cope in temperatures, so for this to be done it is needed to burn some calories, and the effect is this: loosing weight! With aromatherapy the loss of calories, when bringing the internal part with the exterior at the same temperature, is only an addition to the 70-80% daily consumption of calories. Aromatherapy is recommended to those that have problem with the body, but it is also recommended to prevent incipient cellulites or advanced… using this type of treatment you loose 4 times the calories, than you do by other methods…

This treatment may be combined with other methods, like electro stimulation or vacuum. So, aren`t you convinced of it yet? You should be… get some money and begin the session as soon as you can, you don`t need to starve!

The effects of aromatherapy are: losing weight, the other fats disappear, losing many centimeters by only doing one single session, getting rid of toxins, making your skin softer.

In order to obtain the effects mentioned before, you should respect some things: approximately 4 hours before the session don`t eat solid food, drink about 2.5 L of liquid daily (water, juice without sugar, teas and don`t consume alcohol or carbohydrate juices).

You may try to use this kind of treatment, and besides the session you do, you can do some sports and try to eat as healthy as possible. This method is indeed effective, but adding sports and healthy food, won`t do any harm!

If you don`t have the necessary budget for weekly sessions of aromatherapy, you can earn some money and do them once in a while, also with sports!

Don`t forget! Sports is the basis, but with some fine tricks, you can lose weight and you don`t need to spend all your day in the park, maybe half an hour!