Bridal secrets – Part One – weight loss tips

Every woman has her little secrets that help her at exposing a flawless image everyday. From that, one might infer that a bride surely has her tricks, on which she relies, in order to be sure that she will exhibit the perfect bridal look. Because you will surely want to improve your list containing your everyday secrets, we have done some field research and we have asked various women to share with us at least one precious secret.
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Our first goal was to find out what tips could they offer to the “fresh” brides who have a few extra pounds, which they would like to hide.

Bridal secrets. Part One - weight loss tipsCredit

Bridal secrets - Wedding Dress

“On my wedding day I wore an incredibly beautiful A-line dress. I was very lucky to be surrounded by true friends who really helped me make the right choice. I say the right choice, because this gown has beautifully hidden my flaws, i.e. the extra pounds around my tummy and thighs area and it had made me feel comfortable. So, I advise every plus size bride to wear a dress with such a design.”

Amanda, 30

“I had problems in maintaining the ideal weight ever since I was a little girl. Therefore I am used to making physical effort and to going to the gym, but immediately after I have taken a pause from this life style and started eating my favourite meals, the pounds came right back. But, before my wedding day, I have started a new activity: jogging! Having undertaken this activity four or five times a week really helped me both at exposing a slim figure and at feeling more optimistic and happy. Therefore, jogging is the secret that helped me achieve the bridal look I have always dreamt of.”

Kimberly, 32

“My problem is that I really enjoy eating. Well, it is not such a big trouble, except of the fact that everything I eat goes right on my hips, thighs and tummy. Therefore, because I wanted to look wonderful on my wedding day, I started to keep a diet, three months before my wedding reception. So, I started to eat only healthy and poor in calories meals, fact that really improved my bridal aspect. Just make an effort and give up calorie foods, at least before your wedding.”

Jackie, 28

“Every time I had to attend an elegant party I used a body shaper, because these products really made me feel comfortable. Besides that, when I used such an item, my figure improved visibly, fact that made me become addicted to these wonders. Therefore, purchase a body shaper immediately, because they will make your problematic areas disappear.”

Diane, 36

Bridal secrets - weight loss tips - Body ShaperCredit

Bridal secrets - Body Shaper

So, follow one of the above mentioned tricks, if not all of them, and you will see that your body will look perfect. If you want us to reveal more bridal secrets, read part two of this article, and you will find more interesting and revolutionary things.

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