Weight Loss Tips While Planning a Wedding

Planning a wedding can be both exhilarating and stressful. With flowers, food, and your dress are only a few of the many items on the planning list to be researched and booked, it can be overwhelming. If you add trying to lose weight on top of that, it may feel impossible to find the time. Luckily, when you know the right tips and tricks to follow, you can lose weight while planning your wedding, and you may even find yourself having new energy to plan extra details.

Save time with meals delivered

Your weekly grocery trip could be taking up much of your time especially if you’re trying to plan and try new healthier alternatives. It is also much harder to plan your meals when you don’t have the time to find which nutrients should be going in each bite, or to find where you can get everything you need. There are many alternatives that help make your life easier and eliminate those time-consuming grocery store trips. To help you slim down before the wedding choose a weight loss meal delivery program, where your meals come to your door. Pre-cooked meals will already be jam-packed with goodness and will take only moments to prepare if you are short on time.

Monitor portion sizes

Lots of people eat when they are stressed, and wedding planning can be full of stress. With prepared meals and snacks, you have already lowered the accessibility to unhealthy foods. In addition, this will help you eat the correct portion sizes. After all, one of the keys to weight loss is portion size.

Cut back on drinking alcohol

Alcohol is loaded with calories and can combat all the work you’re doing to lose weight. Try cutting down on your alcohol intake by choosing healthy alternatives such as sparkling water.  Some brides may even choose to cut out alcohol for a few months leading up to the wedding by finding other ways to wind down. Of course, don’t forget to make an exception for your bachelorette.

Incorporate exercise into your wedding planning

When you are busy filling your days with wedding-related activities, it becomes easy to skimp out on your exercise routine. Running or walking to short distances to wedding appointments, using yoga to wind down and de-stress in the evenings, or planning abstract wedding ideas on a hike will not only bolster your creativity but energize you in the lead up to your wedding.