Body weight

“Oh, look at me I’m so fat!”…. how about that? Does it ring a bell? Most of the times ladies are stressed by the way in which they look and apply for all kinds of mechanisms in order to diminish fat on their bodies. We know for sure that some of you readers were in this situation and that you tried all kinds of methods in order to loose some pounds. Who doesn’t do this nowadays when you see clothes that you know for sure they don’t fit you properly or that you’re going to look horrible in them. We don’t say that- it’s you that you tell it in your mind “oh, she looks so damn gorgeous in those pair of leggings! I wouldn’t see myself wearing such pants, because I’m too fat….”

There are some ladies that have a certain construction and which doesn’t permit them to be skinny never ever in their lives. For instance, their ankles have a lot involved there and they won’t have thin legs no matter how much they loose weight.

There’s also the case in which you see chubby ladies who don’t have breasts and not such a juicy posterior as well. What can they do in this case, because they look so disproportionate?!

Well, they definitely have to loose some weight and we recommend them to apply for different exercises in order to get rid of fat parts from their bodies. Also, besides the sports that they do, they also have to go on a diet and eat as healthy as possible.

What can slim ladies do in order to gain some pounds? There’s also the case in which you see gorgeous women who are thin and never gain weight due to the fact that they have a fast metabolism and this helps their body pretty much. We’re sure that you envy them pretty much and that they don’t feel that great in the way in which they are, because they’re always trying to gain weight. In this case, we recommend you to visit a nutritionist and also you can take some vitamins from the drug store, they may turn out to be useful

Oh, and speaking of vitamins and pills. Don’t you ever do the mistake of applying for pills in order to loose weight?

We know that you’ve heard some cases in which women lost weight with the help of these pills. Well, these do help you in a way, but if you continue eating inappropriate food you’re going to gain double. That doesn’t sound that great, does it? in case you really want to apply for such pills we recommend you to consult a doctor for seeing if you’re allergic to something in particular and how do these pills help you.