Slimming tips 3

Slimming tips again! We’re sure that you woke up one day and you looked in the mirror and felt as if your favorite pair of pants doesn’t suit you anymore, this is indeed a tragedy when it happens and we’re sure that you avoid these days as much as possible….

It’s not a tragedy if you feel this, because your belly can be swollen a little bit due to the things that you’ve been drinking or have eaten, but we’re certain that the special days are the cause of this feeling as well.

Indeed, it’s not a bad thing if every now and then you apply for eating less when you go to a special event in the next day. It’s a trick that many women do and it helps you a lot when it comes to fitting a pair of jeans which are really slim or a tight dress.
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These are between the most old tricks when it comes to looking slim oh, and let’s mention that we’ve go some others because it’s impossible not to take these into account every now and then.

So, let’s mention that you definitely have to pay attention to what you’re eating and drinking, it’s so important that we’re going to mention it as much as possible in order for you to finally get the idea.

Here’s another tip that we offer to you in case you want to look slim: if you’ve got problem with the down side of the body and we mean with the legs, then you definitely have to wear a pair of black pants or dark toned ones, because they make you look slimmer and the same idea is for the upper side of the body, wear a T-shirt or a blouse that is in black tone or a darker one!

Here’s another thing that we suggest to you when it comes to the colors of the clothes: avoid wearing white and we refer to white pants. These look kind of unpleasant on your body and they make you look fat. How about that? Well, we’re certain that you already know that, but a checkup isn’t a bad thing every now and then.

Some other things that need to be mentioned? Well, how about the fact that you have to avoid really tight clothes, because these highlight just how chubby you are and we’re certain that you don’t want that.

When you’re wearing a short dress at a special event, you have to avoid ankle cuffed sandals or shoes, because they highlight just how thick your ankles are or they make your legs look chubby, so avoid them as much as possible….