Know how to do your bridal manicure

Do you care much about your nails? Irrespective of your answer, the thing is that for your wedding day you will have to love them and to gently take care of them. I don’t know if you have heard it before, but they say that nails stand for the hygiene degree of every person; therefore it is very important to expose a flawless bridal manicure.
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Another reason why you will have to be very attentive at this aspect is because of the fact that everybody will want to see your wedding ring, and as a result it will be inevitable not to watch your hands and manicure.

If you want a more elaborated design, i.e. something very spectacular and glamorous you will have to speak with the professional. You could try it on your own, but we honestly believe that when it comes to a complex manicure the professional people should handle it. But now, it is up to you!

However, if you want something simpler, such as: a French manicure or a classic bridal manicure than you could complete this task on your own. For the classic bridal manicure your nails should be very clean and they must have a perfect shape. The classic style consists of using white and then a pale shade, a light pink or an egg shell color. Other colors, which are also included in this style of manicure, would be: red, plum, pink, coral and light lilac.

If your nails are not long enough a set of artificial acrylic nails could easily compensate for this shortcoming. A great advantage of acrylic nails is that they allow the application of innovative solutions, which could give your nails an elegant form that will capture all the attention.

Know how to do your bridal manicureCredit
Know how to do your bridal manicure

And since you want to impress at your wedding, you should definitely go for this solution. But, if you prefer short, clean and elegant nails, you should keep your natural form and thus portray a beautiful manicure.

And last but not least: French manicure. It is an ideal manicure for weddings and it has no competition in terms of refinement. Besides that it is very popular because it is easy to do and as a result you could complete this manicure by yourself. The first step would be to give a beautiful shape to your nails, using a high quality nail polisher. Then you should: soak your hands in warm soapy water to remove the cuticles easier, wash your hands with mild soap and water, apply a moisturizing lotion and massage gently. Now: apply a coat of nail polish as a base and let it dry, then another layer of polish should be applied and let it dry thoroughly. Ready! You have succeeded in creating an elegant French manicure for your wedding.