Secrets to Finding the Perfect Wedding Hairstyle

The dress is perfect, your flowers are divine, so your crowning glory must be equally special for your big day — after all you will be looking at photos of your wedding day for years to come. But choosing the right hairstyle can be tricky, so I’ve compiled a few tips to help you along!

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Planning During the Run-Up

You should start thinking about the sort of style you want as soon as you get engaged! This might sound too soon, but if you picture long, flowing locks, while your own hair is cropped and boyish, you need time to allow it to grow. Many up-dos also need longer hair, so drop those scissors now. A few months before the wedding, consider taking a vitamin supplement that targets your hair to ensure that it is glossy and full for all those photos. And start regular deep conditioning treatments about six weeks before.

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The next big consideration is color. If your hair is colored, make an appointment to get it freshened up about a week before your wedding day, this will allow time for it to settle and, heaven forbid, to fix any disasters. This is also a good time to talk to your stylist about the style you want for the ceremony.

The “Natural Versus Formal” Dilemma

Although there’s been a trend towards simpler styles, many girls still opt for the traditional fancy up-do. Take into account the style of your dress — a stiff formal do could look over the top with a floaty, peasant-style dress; while a too-relaxed hairstyle might look messy or under-done with a more traditional Cinderella gown. Most of us don’t wear elaborate hairstyles every day, so take someone whose opinion you trust with you to a trial — your mother, bridesmaid or husband-to-be. Remember stylists love the opportunity to do intricate styles too, so be prepared to rein them in and say exactly what you want.

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Bringing photos with you is a good way to explain your choice — especially if you choose a particularly complicated or formal style. It is best to schedule the practice run for at least a week before the big day. Look at magazines and for ideas to print out and take with you. If you plan to wear a veil, bring it along too.

Nowadays, most brides opt for a pretty, girly style. For loose hair, shine is essential! If you are doing your hair yourself, stick with products that you know work for you — it’s tempting to splash out on new shampoo, conditioner, mousse, serum, shine spray, etc., but try them out in advance and don’t forget that more expensive doesn’t always mean ‘better’.

Also, remember that simple hair can look just as stylish when the right accessories are chosen. Flowers are the traditional wedding accessory, but butterflies and pearls are also very big. Tiaras remain popular with the more formal look.


On the Big Day Itself

Don’t be tempted to make any last minute changes. Your stylist will have prepared the products he or she needs and a change could result in disaster.

Make sure to use plenty of hairspray to hold the look in place through to the evening. If your style is particularly elaborate or you have a heavy veil or accessories clipped to your hair, get your bridesmaid to carry a mini hairspray and extra hairclips so you can freshen up during the day. And don’t panic if your hair starts to fall down during the day. Find a mirror and a quiet spot and fix it up, or if it’s dropping very badly shake it out — and pretend you had a day look and an evening look planned all along!