How to Feel Confident About Your Engagement Ring Purchase

No matter who you are — if you’re giving a ring or receiving it… or even if you’re buying a ring together, it’s always important to feel confident with your engagement ring purchase. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for the ring buying process to result in a bit of anxiety. But, there are a few ways you can easily reduce all of that unnecessary stress! We’ve put together a few tips to smooth out the process and help you end up with the perfect ring!

Where to Buy

Take one step into a mall or do one quick search on ‘engagement rings’ and you’ll immediately be overwhelmed with the number of options you have for your ring. However, the list gets much shorter once you know some of the back story behind parts of the diamond industry. You’ve likely heard the term ‘blood diamond’ and a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio popped into your head and then the thought was lost. Unfortunately, many people do not understand the true impact that the mined diamond industry has had on families, communities and our earth for hundreds of years. Although there have been efforts to help these horrible practices, it’s still impossible to know if a mined diamond was 100% ethically sourced. Not to mention, all of these diamonds still cause detrimental effects on our earth!

So you might be thinking to yourself…well what the heck am I supposed to do now? Thankfully, lab-grown diamonds were created to help couples find an alternative to the devastating mined diamond practices. Not only are these diamonds 100% ethically sourced, but you can have peace of mind that the creation of your ring did not harm our earth. Companies like Clean Origin have made it their mission to change the diamond industry and give individuals a ring option that they can be proud to wear.

But don’t worry…lab created engagement rings are just as stunning (and real) as rings with mined diamonds! Not to mention, their chemical structure is the exact same! Scientists have figured out a way to replicate the same growing process found deep within the earth that creates these stones (thanks to science!). So you can have sustainable benefits, zero guilt and a 100% stunning diamond ring!

How to Save

Now that you’ve narrowed down what type of diamond you’re going to purchase, let’s talk about one of the biggest parts of engagement ring shopping….prices. Along with the positive benefits to our earth, lab-grown diamonds are also 20-30% less expensive than mined diamonds. This opens the door to so many more options in regards to carat, color and clarity! For example, your SI1 clarity could now be VS2! No matter where you decide to use it, you now have 20-30% more flexibility automatically built into your already-set budget. Working with a diamond expert, you’ll be able to find the ring you’ve always dreamed of, at the price you never dreamt possible!

And, as if there weren’t already enough reasons to purchase a man-made diamond from Clean Origin, they also have extremely competitive prices in the lab-grown industry!

So, if you’ve been convinced of the positive benefits that a lab-created diamond could offer, consider including Clean Origin in your research. The benefits of lab-grown diamonds are too good to not consider!