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4 Proposal Ideas We Guarantee Every Girl Would Love


Nearly every girl, anywhere in the world, dreams of the day that her Prince Charming asks for her hand in marriage. Call it cultural conditioning, romantic expectation or an unnecessary tradition; it doesn’t change the fact that the love of your life will most likely want you to ask for her hand in marriage! It doesn’t matter whether you spend hundreds or thousands on a ring because it’s really about creating a special gesture and a moment in her life that she will remember forever.

If you’re ready to pop to question to your lovely lady, or looking to help out a friend or relative with his own proposal, here are four key ways that you’ll be guaranteed to get it right.

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Something Out of the Ordinary

There is nothing worse than a girl finding out that someone else proposed to their girlfriend in exactly the way that you did. She wants you to make her feel like the only girl in the world, but how exactly do you do that you ask? Well, you do something unique and out of the ordinary. This doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant at all, in fact, simple is often more effective. Take her to a place she’s always wanted to go like a beautiful park or garden as nature is very romantic, especially in the summer months. Or do something together that you’ve never done, like sky-diving if you’re into adrenaline adventures!

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Keep it Private

Research conducted by AA Cars show that in a survey of 17,000 men, 3% of them have proposed in a car. Might sound a bit boring but a car is actually the perfect private place. Not every girl wants to be stared at and congratulated by a crowd of people if you propose in public so keeping it private is often the best option. You could hire her favourite vintage car and go for a spin to a romantic spot before you get down on one knee. Don’t forget the picnic basket and be ready to pop the champagne (but don’t have much more than a sip or two as you wouldn’t want to collect a rather unromantic drink-drive offence on the way home)!

marriage proposal unique ideas

Be Personal

The crucial factor of a proposal is how personal it is. Any girl would be touched if you can show that you listen to her wants, needs and dreams and care enough about the important aspects of your relationship to incorporate them into your proposal. This doesn’t mean you have to customise a gallery with all the memorable pictures and items of your history (well, you can if you want) but just picking a key idea like her favourite kind of flower, colour or place to be would make it meaningful.

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Think It Through

Every girl would love and appreciate that you’ve put time, effort, love and thought into your proposal. Many guys rush to ask the question when they’ve found the perfect ring but it’s worth waiting for the right time and think your plan through thoroughly. One idea could be to plan something that takes time to show like planting flowers in the garden to create a special message, this shows that you have patience and perseverance – the key ingredients in a relationship.

At the end of it all, your proposal doesn’t have to be a fifty-person flash mob so don’t over-think the gesture. Do something that fits your relationship and personality. As long as you show her how much you care in a heartfelt way, she’s bound to say ‘yes’. Good luck!

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