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Selecting Men’s Wedding Bands

mens wedding band etsy

Aside from a watch and perhaps a pair of cufflinks, your wedding band may be the first and only piece of wedding jewelry you’ll ever own. So, a bit of hesitancy about wearing a ring for the first time is certainly understandable. Here are some things to consider as you search for the perfect men’s wedding jewelry / band.

Colors: You Mean There’s More Than Gold?

White gold wedding jewelry and bands tend to be more subtle looking than yellow or rose gold. While platinum has the same color as white gold, it is considerably more expensive, heavier, and as a result, may not be the most comfortable choice for your first ring.

The base for white gold is pure yellow gold to which several white metals like zinc and titanium are added for strength and durability. Because this combination of metals ends up being a shade of light gray, the rings are coated in a very thin layer of rhodium; a precious metal that produces a brilliant white luster and a hard, tarnish free finish.

mens wedding band

Simplicity is Key

Men who never wear rings should consider a plain and simple band, perhaps with a subtle hammered or brushed finish. Intricate scrolled, braided or celtic styles may be a bit too flashy for an understated guy like you, and, any raised areas could prove uncomfortable. Wedding jewelry / bands are measured in millimeters. Look for a wedding jewelry / band that is no more than about 7mm wide; unless you have large hands, a wider band may look a little too bulky.

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Think Comfort

If you’ve never worn a ring before you’re definitely going to want to get your finger professionally sized. No matter how great your wedding jewelry looks, if it’s uncomfortable because it’s too loose or too tight, you’re not going to be happy wearing it.

Choose wedding jewelry with comfort fit which resists pinching and makes your ring more comfortable and wearable on a daily basis. The inside of a comfort fit band has a rounded shape that doesn’t pinch the skin like a flat design can. Comfort fit helps men quickly become accustomed to wearing wedding jewelry, even if you’ve never worn one before.

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Where to Start

Here are several men’s wedding band styles that make excellent choices for those who aren’t used to wearing rings.

Styles of Wedding Jewelry for Bridesmaids

Let your bridesmaids jewelry be an afterthought? Never! Select pieces to suit your style and watch your wedding vision come to life. Here are some ideas to point you in the right direction when considering wedding jewelry for bridesmaids.


To create a classic look for your best gals on your wedding day, think simple, simple, simple when selecting wedding jewelry for bridesmaids. Go for bridesmaid jewelry with clean, uncluttered designs.


It’s the most romantic day of your life after all, so go all out and share the look with your bridesmaids. We’re talking soft, sheer and light when choosing wedding jewelry for bridesmaids.


To get that vintage look, go for pieces that are delicate and intricate. Think interesting patterns such as scallops, flowers or leaves. Pavé – crystals or stones set close together – creates a sparkling, elaborate vintage feeling.


Are your ‘maids up for unveiling their inner diva? Go flirty and daring in your choice of jewelry and accessories. Whip out the Dangle Earrings or Chandeliers that move and shimmer and don’t be afraid to go with slightly larger styles of wedding jewelry for bridesmaids.


Not up for all the fluff and puff of a fairytale wedding? Bridesmaids jewelry with clean, basic designs will do quite nicely. Also, consider keeping the number of pieces to a minimum. That helps your budget on wedding jewelry for bridesmaids, too.


Put the gals in nature-inspired jewelry sets – Semiprecious Stones or Real Shells are a phenomenal choice. Even if you’re going for a more upscale beach look, you should still go easy on the sparkle of wedding jewelry for bridesmaids. You don’t want them competing with mother nature!

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