How To Pick A Diamond Ring She’ll Show Off


You’ve found the woman of your dreams. You’ve even dated a few years. Now you want to propose but you’re nervous because you want to give her the perfect ring, the type of ring she’ll squeal in happiness the moment she sees it and show off to a dozen friends the next week. That kind seems impossible, right? Not really.  These tips will help you buy your girlfriend the kind of ring she’s only ever dreamed of and help you feel less intimidated.

Begin by figuring out her jewellery style.

It’s easy to find this out by simply looking in her jewellery box and seeing what kinds of ring she currently wears. In addition, see what kind of metal most of her jewelry is. For example, if she wears more silver, she’d probably prefer a white gold or platinum band, where as if she regularly wears gold chains, she’d more than likely prefer a yellow or rose gold band. If your girlfriend doesn’t own many jewellery pieces, try observing her on your next shopping excursion and see which kinds of jewelry she gravitates towards.

Go a step further and consider her personality when selecting a ring style.

If she’s feminine, refined, and elegant, she might lean towards engagement rings with intricate detailing.  Think about a pave style ring, which accents its centre diamond with pave diamonds around her band.  However if she’s more of a social butterfly she may prefer a three-stone that shines brightly.  You’ll find it easy to look at elaborate collections and buy classy engagement rings in Sydney.

Pick an actual diamond shape and setting.

Does she prefer classically timeless rings? Then, she might like a traditional round brilliant solitaire in a cathedral setting.  Many modern brides-to-be love the new trend of pairing a halo-style with a pave setting. It allows their centre diamond to shine, while being surrounded by a circle of additional diamonds, as well as having a band of diamonds.  While the round brilliant and square princess cuts remain popular, nowadays both the marquis and the heart shapes are becoming popular again.

Prioritize the 4C’s when buying the ring.  

If you truly want to gift your girlfriend a 1.5 or 2-carat ring but want to save a few dollars, consider buying just shy of a 1.5 or 2-carats as those magic numbers inflate the price. No one will ever know if her ring is actually 1.95 carats and you can use the money you saved to enhance another part of the ring. Pay attention to the cut too. In fact, it should be the most important aspect no matter what size of ring you get. If it features a well-faceted diamond that exudes brightness and fire, it can appear larger to anyone. In addition, you do want to consider both the colour and clarity as well.

You might feel anxious looking for the perfect engagement ring but it becomes easy if you plan for it well. Try following some of the previous tips and I bet she’ll soon be squealing with joy over her new ring.