Three Jewelry Trends for 2013

As you consider the trends in bridal fashions, bridesmaids’ dresses and wedding invitations, don’t overlook trends in wedding jewelry! Heart jewelry, pink topaz and vintage looks are all making their mark on the jewelry world as a whole, and each easily lends itself to styles for the bride and for the bridal party. And, unlike neon green bridesmaids’ dresses or a fad hairstyle, it’s unlikely that you’ll regret entertaining any of these trends in the years to come. Although these types of jewelry are particularly popular right now, each exhibits a beauty that’s timeless and that will endure long after your honeymoon.

1. Heart Jewelry

Eternal Heart Wedding Band Ring in 14K White GoldHearts have been popping up in jewelry of all kinds, from gemstone rings to simply-styled sterling silver pendants to lighthearted wedding bands. There are few places in which this trend is more fitting than in wedding jewelry. Try an engagement ring with a few hearts worked subtly into an engraved design or go bold with a heart-shaped stone. Or, try a vintage style that utilizes hearts to hit two trends at once (see trend number three).

Hearts are also making their mark on a wide variety of heart wedding bands, from delicate engraved designs to elegant sculpture to bold cutouts. Whether you choose hearts in your wedding band, engagement ring or both, these simple symbols will add a touch of romance that will last far longer than any trend.

2. Pink Topaz

Pink is the color of fairytales, making it a lovely choice for any girl who once dreamed of a handsome prince to sweep her off her feet. Pink topaz captures the color of storybook princesses and brings it to life for modern women, making it a lovely pop of color for any wedding day. This stone is feminine, but far from shy, and its bold sparkle won’t be ignored. In addition to letting its daring presence light up your engagement ring, you could try a pink topaz pendant or a pair of earrings to wake up your bridal look or add zing to your bridesmaids’ ensembles.

3. Vintage JewelryAntique-Style Floral Pink Topaz Ring in 14K White Gold

Vintage styles have been getting a new lease on life lately as they’re interpreted in a rainbow of gemstones. Looks from both the Victorian Era and the Art Deco period are big right now, both for brides and for bridal parties. Vintage Rings adorned with diamonds or with gemstones of any color can serve as unique engagement rings, as well as gorgeous selections for the bridal party. Try coordinating the bridesmaids’ jewelry with that of the bride in some way; for example, find rings for the bridal party that feature the same stone or a similar motif as the bride’s ring. (Obviously, the bridesmaids’ jewelry should never overshadow the rock on the bride’s finger.)

Incorporating any of these jewelry trends is a choice you’ll still be proud of anniversary after anniversary. Try heart jewelry, pink topaz or a vintage design (or a combination of all three!) for a look that’s current yet timelessly beautiful.