Maid Of Honor Duties: Your “Quick” Official Checklist

maid of honor duties

Maid of Honor Duties: Your Quick Official Checklist

Maybe you’ve recently been selected as your bestie’s maid of honor or maybe you’re a bride trying to figure out who best to fit the job, whatever the case we’re divulging a foolproof checklist to help nail down the details. As maid/matron of honor, you have a variety of responsibilities. From helping the bride de-stress to crafting by her side when it’s time to DIY the invitations, you truly become the right-hand lady to this event.

What Being A Maid of Honor Is All About

Being a maid/matron of honor is an absolute privilege. It can be a fun and rewarding time in your friendships or sisterhood, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t hard work and something to take seriously.

The Bride’s Right-Hand Lady

A right-hand lady is the best way to describe a maid of honor. Anything a bride may need or want throughout the months leading up to the wedding falls into the MOH’s lap to help with, plan with and take care of. Be prepared to be on speed dial for the entire time your bride is engaged.

The Quick Maid of Honor Checklist

The Wedding Shower: Planning & Execution

Hopefully you’ll be working alongside the Mother of the Bride and the other bridesmaids for this one, but taking the bull by the horns is expected. Decide when and where to have the shower. Lead the team in creating a fun theme for the event. Help address the invitations and get them sent out in a timely manner. You can even offer to help with the registry if the bride decides to go at it solo. And don’t forget to keep a record of all the gifts the bride receives at the celebration!

Plan & Deliver a Great Bachelorette Party

This is definitely a task that’s made for the maid/matron of honor to take the lead of. Whether you want to stay in your city or plan a weekend getaway, give yourself plenty of time to figure out all of the details. You can recruit some of the bridesmaids to help as well! If you decide to coincide this party with a lingerie shower, you’ll have the duty of writing down all of the gifts the bride gets from the gals here too.

Communicate Important Wedding Details to Family & Friends

From sending out the invitations for the bridal shower and bachelorette party to informing everyone about registry details, make sure you’re up to date on all the important information. It’ll be your job to keep the circle informed! And that includes knowing the bride’s lingerie sizes, don’t forget!

Attending Wedding & Bridesmaid Dress Shopping & Try-Ons

Tag along with the bride on every dress shopping opportunity. If she invites you to come with her family to try on wedding gowns, do everything you can to make the appointments. She’ll need your support and it’ll be such a fun memory to pocket. It’s also important that you help her shop for bridesmaids’ dresses if she asks.

Coordinate Bridesmaid Duties

It’s also the maid/matron of honor’s duty to delegate tasks. Instead of getting overwhelmed and feeling like you have to do everyone on your own, utilize the rest of the bridal party. Make sure everyone has at least one responsibility. Also, it’ll be your job to keep track of their dress fittings.

Be the Bride’s Rock

She chose you because she trusts you. Whether you’re a sister, cousin or best friend, this title speaks volumes to your relationship. And that means you’re the best choice in terms of keeping the bride sane and de-stressed. You’re her rock. Keep her laughing and always make sure she’s enjoying herself.

Attend Pre-Wedding Parties & Events

You’ll be organizing two of them so you better be there! But anything else that comes up, it’s important to attend all of the major events. From bridal brunches to engagement parties, your presence is a must amidst all of the fun.

Organize Bridesmaids on the Wedding Day

Once the big day rolls around, you’ll not only be keeping the bride in check but it’s your responsibility to keep the bridesmaids in line as well. Organize the details days ahead. Inform the ladies of what they need to make sure they bring, give them a rough timeline of the celebration and make sure they know what’s to be expected of them as well.

Make & Deliver a Great Speech

And finally, you’ll want to make and deliver a great speech. Whether it’s short and sweet, long and heartfelt or full of laughs and memories, you’ll want to prepare to toast the bride and groom in style. If you’re too nervous to make it in front of all of the wedding guests, ask the bride if you can do yours at the rehearsal dinner, where it’s a bit more intimate and less intimidating.

Nervous? Don’t be- we’ve got great maid of honor speech examples to help get you started!

Maid of Honor Checklist