Q: Should The Bride Force A Bridesmaid To Wear Dress She’s Uncomfortable In?

Many a bridesmaid has suffered through a wedding in a dress she abhors. Whether it’s lime green and waaaay too sparkly, bright orange and poufy, or simply the wrong cut, the list of hideous bridesmaid gowns is truly endless. That being said, it is within the bride’s “right” to make her bridal party wear what she wants, though she may end up losing friends in the process. Some bridesmaids don’t want to wear off-the-shoulder or other more “revealing” gowns for reasons relating to modesty or religion, and if the bride is super-insistent on such dresses, she can hire models to stand in for her bridesmaids in photos. Yes, that is a real thing.

Weddings are selfish events all about the bride and groom, and if said bride is too wrapped up in her nuptials to care that her friends feel horribly uncomfortable in their dresses….well, what does that say? Some brides allow their bridal parties to pick their own dresses, or choose the style so it flatters their body types. These brides are lovely, wonderful people.

If the bride in your life wants you to wear a dress that makes you heave, take some time to really consider if you want to be in the wedding or not. You have two choices: 1. Wear the dress and deal with it or 2. Forgo the wedding and possibly lose a friend. If you opt for the latter, you probably won’t be sorry if you don’t talk to the bride ever again. Yes, this is a bit harsh, but it’s the reality of the situation. Good luck!