A different bride

Fall with its wonderful colors offers us a great and big range of elements in such a manner that it’s difficult to stop, you have to watch objectively the things and decide what is the color of your wedding going to be like.

If you’re still thinking and you don’t have the courage of choosing, maybe you should see the chromatic palette that you can apply for. We’re speaking about a purple tone, which is combined with ivory white, burgundy red and even with a touch of black on the wedding dress. Let’s take every detail into account and see what we’ve ended with.

a different bride

Here’s an excellent idea for the brides that want a touch of color in what they’re wearing and don’t want in the same time to apply for a colored wedding dress. You can choose a cape in the wanted color and you can carry on the shoulders the favorite tone.
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You can apply for a purple wedding bouquet that is made of orchids and red roses. We like the length of the flower arrangements and the harmony of colors. A plus for the color of the bridesmaid dress that is in this case red.

You can’t leave your groom without a touch of color as well. Our suggestion would be to offer to him a flower arrangement in tone with your wedding bouquet. You can even apply for a cockade made of wild berries in tones of purple or dark blue.

Whenever you’re going to enter for the first time in the location in which your wedding party is going to take place, make sure that you wear all the color insertions, in this manner the pictures taken are going to be much interesting.

a different bride 2

Even if you don’t want to have too much color in this location you can apply for decorations on the tables that remember discretely of the choice you’ve made. It’s true that reducing the chromatic impact can be great if you’ve chosen purple.

It’s good to take into account applying for a chromatic contrast in order to make the chosen tones to be emphasized. For purple it’s indicated to use the contrast with white….

a different bride 3

As you can observe the only thing is to use your imagination and ideas as much as possible and end up with interesting combinations that are going to make the difference and make your wedding special in comparison with others and in the same time, you’re going to look like a different bride in contrast with others that prefer being dull and not brining anything interesting in the frame.