Something blue for the bridal day

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue…. This is the tradition for wedding accessories in the bridal day for which she has to apply for. There are so many bridal accessories that can take each role that we’re sure you already have some ideas of your own. But we will try to focus only on the part of “something blue” and offer you some suggestions of such accessories that can be worn in the big day.

How about a pair of blue bridal shoes?

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If you are more of a nonconformist bride, then such an idea is totally for you. Adopt a tea length bridal gown in the big day and in this way, you are able to end up with a thrilling look, which will attract your guests and in this way you accomplish the tradition and look different in the same time.

Blue bridal shoesCredit
Blue bridal shoes

Now that the weather is just appropriate for such accessories and the model of wedding gown we have specified, we don’t see any difficulties in you applying for such details.

Blue bridal underwear

We know that you love the idea of wearing something blue and hidden, and if you would rather renounce to wedding accessories for wedding lingerie, then consider a pair of lace underwear made in a blue tone and in this way you ought to surprise the groom in the night of your wedding in case he was wondering if you have totally respected the tradition.

Such bridal lingerie can be encountered in every store and if you want to switch the something blue detail with something new, then this is the right way of doing things – add this piece of clothing in your closet.

Blue bridal lingerieCredit
Blue bridal lingerie

Getting back to bridal jewelry

Well, like it or not, in the case of the bridal jewelry there’s always the possibility of adding something blue, even if we’re speaking of a bracelet or of a pair of earrings, or even a ring with a big stone on it.

We have observed many pieces of jewelry that can be realized in blue tones and with blue accessories, and these can be made both of silver or gold and look gorgeous on you.

No matter on which wedding accessory you decide to apply for and you want to make it blue, make sure that there isn’t an excess of blue details on you. The “something blue” detail ought to occupy a small portion of your body and noticeable in the same time.

Blue bridal ringCredit
Blue bridal ring

From the physical wedding jewelry and bridal accessories, we would like to jump to a rather abstract detail, which is going to seem pretty useful as well for the case of the “something blue” detail.

We’re speaking about blue nail polish that looks really fine on long nails and on short ones as well. Of course, being the wedding day you would rather have your nails long and pretty looking in the same time. So, the blue tone that you decide for should be really great looking and shiny a little bit!

Blue nail polish Credit
Blue nail polish

Crystals or strass in blue

For those that are in need of extra effect, we were thinking that their normal bridal gown ought to be beautified with the help of some sparkling beads or accessories that make the dress look interesting.

The most interesting parts that can be adorned with blue glitter and details are definitely the corset area, but add these in a very subtle manner, as well as the skirt with additions here and there. Certainly such a combination between a white bridal gown and the blue sparkling details or crystals ought to make the difference; it only depends on the amount you decide to add.

A bridal hair accessory

Then comes the bridal hair accessory, which can be easily worn in this blue tune we have repeatedly mentioned about. Of course, it depends on how strong you want the blue detail to be and the amount of blue that it has on it. As long as it’s a big bridal hair accessory, few are the chances for you to fail with your look and in the same time you won’t need the addition of extra accessories or elements. Of course, if you really want to, there is always the pick of a necklace for the neck, which ought to make the difference, just make sure that it is designed in a similar way to the bridal hair accessory.

So, you have observed just how many details you can apply for when we’re speaking about the “something blue” details. If you know what is appropriate for the look you have adopted, maybe you will take into account our suggestions as well – they might seem useful.