Know how to obtain a Cinderella bridal look

Brides who love Disney’s Cinderella will; definitely appreciate this article, because we aim at giving you the best pieces of advice on how to get a Cinderella hairstyle and makeup, for your wedding day.
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In order to obtain this hairdo, you need to know that the hair must be a bit wet. You shouldn’t soak the hair, just dampen it with some water and you may start dressing your hair. It is important to begin with this step, because this process will prevent the hair from sticking to your fingers.

Then you should tie your hair back in a tight and low pony tail. However, make sure that the pony tail won’t hurt your head, because otherwise this will be an uncomfortable hairstyle that will ruin your wedding day. So, pull all of your hair in a pony tail and fasten it with a rubber band.

Know how to obtain a Cinderella bridal lookCredit
Know how to obtain a Cinderella bridal look

The next step implies that you should twist the ponytail toward the top of your head and tuck the ends under the twist. It is important that the end of the tail be hidden from view; therefore you will have to arrange it nicely. Now you will just have to attach some hair pins around the twist and also in the top, where you have tucked the pony tail. And last, use a large quantity of hairspray, in order to be sure that the hairdo will last all night long. Oh, and don’t forget about the tiara or the beautiful wreath: Cinderella had one, and as a result you will have to complete your look with this accessory.

As for the makeup, when you will create it you should do your best, so that you will obtain a luminescent appearance. Besides the makeup, you shall rely on the sun also (in case you are planning an outdoor wedding), in order to obtain that radiant look.

Choose a natural pink eye shadow and apply it just below the eyebrow arch. Put emphasis on the upper eyelid, by using a black ink, whereas for your outline contour you should use a pencil. To blur and uniform the line, use a pencil with sponge on the end. Then apply the right mascara for your eyelashes, but do not insist very much on your lower lashes. Now, finish the makeup with a fine powder and color your lips with a pink pearl and clear gloss.

Now you know everything a bride should be aware of when she wants to obtain a Cinderella look. You should try out pieces of advice, but, if you cannot obtain the right result then hire a professional to do his/her job.