Vintage veils

If you want a wedding that has as main theme the vintage wedding theme, wearing a vintage veil is the appropriate pick. Besides the feeling of old, the veil can have a historical meaning and it can confer a classic beauty for the bride.

Wearing the veil in the wedding day dates for some centuries now and the main significance is the religious ones. In some sides of the world its significance is a religious one. In some sides of the world, wearing the veil on the face can have different connotations, but in the modern society the brides are among the fewest persons that can wear them.
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In the West side of the world, the vintage veil is really fashionable. The brides prefer it because it confers mystery and they have a little bit of the pure bride with the cheeks red, which were used to be popular some time in the past.

Now producing wedding veils with vintage inspiration has become a passion for the tailors in the entire world. One of the main motivations can be represented of the fact that many brides are ready to traverse the world online in the search of the perfect veil and ready to pay in addition for the costs of transport and the other taxes.

Vintage veils with classic inspiration….

Due to the fact that the majority of the weddings in our days are classic, the majority of the brides prefer the simple and elegant veils, the dramatic side of the veil depending on its length. The most appropriate bride’s veils and dramatic are the ones with hippie influence from the 70s with all those skullcaps details made of cotton lace as well as the sweeping floor trails. The majority of all these veils are white or cream, but if the bride wants to, there are some professional people that can dye the veil in the color wanted and this is without ruining the fabric.

The vintage cathedral veil….

This one will fall naturally on your shoulders and it’s realized of tulle at the highest level of quality. This type of veil is available in one or two layers. At the diffuse light of the cathedral the effect is minimum, but when the bride goes in daylight or under the camera’s the effect is indeed spectacular. This style can be worn in the top of the head or in the back side. You can add a tiara in order to stylize the outfit.

The gothic veil!

Is also very well known as the “vampire veil”. These are medieval veils, which are really exotic and realized of simple tulle. They’re popular and most common used near the Halloween.