Dresses for the bridesmaids

The more offers seen on the market, the hardest it is to make the appropriate choices. This is why, we thought it would be an appropriate idea to share with you some complete outfits that you can take into account in case you’re a bridesmaid or you want the people next to you to wear the same gown.

Of course, if you can’t apply for these exact suggestions offered here you can steal the idea; replace these with other pieces and so on….

When you choose dresses for the bridesmaids take into account their utility. If the bridesmaids is going to buy a dress that she wears in the day of your wedding it would be better to use it in some other moments and at other events, don’t you think so?

dresses fro the bridesmaids

We start with those bridesmaids that want to look retro chic! For them, we suggest a retro dress in a pale pink tone; choose whatever model you wish, as long as it’s suitable for your bridesmaid’s body.
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Also, the accessories are really important when it comes to such an evening gown – don’t forget to apply for the high heel sandals in the same tone as the evening gown, darker though. The purse should be made in the same tone as the dress and maybe with some lace applications on it. And we’re not done! Add a pearl necklace and maybe a ring with different pearl and stone applications on it….

There’s also the option of a little black dress that can be made in a very simple manner – cut on the body, one shoulder neckline and showing just how feminine your body shapes are. Attach to this little black dress some golden accessories in order to obtain a really elegant look. You can use a gold bracelet, which is wrapped around the hand; a cuff bracelet seems also really nice. The other things that you can attach to this outfit are a golden purse, made in envelope style and let’s not forget to add the high heeled sandals in black tone as well.

dresses fro the bridesmaids 2

Are you ready for fun? Are you ready to party? In this case, we’ve got prepared for you an interesting dress with ruffles and that has gorgeous flower print on it. Around the waist line there’s a bow made of black fabric. This will make you look thin and sexy and let’s also add that this dress is sleeveless and it’s really gorgeous looking in the same time.

dresses fro the bridesmaids 3

You can combine it with a gorgeous looking bracelet in silver and made of stones. The high heels that you can apply for can be made in black tone and they’re really interesting looking in the same time. Don’t forget about the black purse in envelope shape and the look is complete.