Modern wedding cakes 2

We continue our list of modern wedding cakes and here’s how we stumbled over some other interesting models of sweets from where you may want to inspire in your wedding day. Of course, these are some basic ideas…. No one tells you to take bit by bit what we’re presenting here; you need a personal touch, because after all it’s your wedding!

modern wedding cakes 2

The first cake we want to mention about is made in white and black and it’s made of course of white and black chocolate. The interior of this cake is white and its exterior is entirely black with nice engravings on it: it’s a tree that is made in fine cuts and in these cuts you can observe the cake’s white interior, inside the leaves and branches….
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This is a fine example of modernity not kitsch: it’s a simple idea and it’s a model that definitely needs to be taken into account; it is elegant and simple in the same time. We’ve mentioned the details on this cake and there’s no need of adding any wedding cake top or something like that! We think that this is enough.

Being spring we think that this cake is especially designed for a wedding that takes place in this season! We’re speaking about a four layered cake in yellow tone and with nice birds standing on every layer here and there.

This isn’t enough: there are also some tree branches, really thin and made of sweet ingredients and these pierce every layer and make the entire cake look interesting. And as cake tops what would you like more than a pair of birds that symbolize love and will remember all why they’re here?! This is indeed a nice model of modern wedding cake and it definitely needs to be taken into consideration!

modern wedding cakes 22

This next wedding cake looks more than modern: it’s delicious! It is made entirely of black chocolate and here and there you can admire white hearts that surround every layer. This cake is composed of five layers and around every one there is a ring formed by nice looking strawberries and on the last layer there’s also a bunch of strawberries instead of the classical cake top.

modern wedding cakes 23

Another delicious looking cake that will definitely catch your eyes in the first moment you see it. You can renounce for example to the strawberries and leave the cake just in the way it is and put the classical wedding cake top or even a white heart in order to be in perfect coordination with the rest of the cake!

There are numerous variants from where you can choose from and let’s not forget the fact that you have your imagination too and you just can’t imagine into what ideas you can stumble!