The right model of wedding cake 4

We’re sure that you simply can’t get enough when it comes to models of wedding cakes and we know exactly why: all f the models that we’ve been suggesting throughout the time look gorgeous and you can’t decide on a particular one. Well, we can understand that perfectly and we just hope that you take only the good parts of what we’re presenting and offering here, although we’re sure that we’ve got only good examples here.

We start with a wedding cake model that is made of three layers: the basic layer is square shaped and the other two are round. This one is in creamy white tone and we’re sure that you’re going to find it really tempting.

the right model of wedding cake 4

All around these layers you can observe flower details, to be more specific we’re speaking about flower buds made of sweet ingredients. These go pretty nice in combination with the cake’s tone. The flowers all around the cake are made in red, pink and purple and we’re sure that you’re going to find all these details really nice in combination together.
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We’ve got another suggestion for you and it’s the second one in this topic. We’re speaking about a three layered cake that is made from round layers. At the basis of every layer you can observe a round part, a round ribbon that is probably made of sweet ingredients. We recommend this cake for a wedding with autumn theme, because it has all the right details involved in it. It’s nice looking and we’re sure that you like all the leaves made of sweet ingredients and that coordinate perfectly with the white cake that looks as if it’s made of stone.

the right model of wedding cake 4 2

The next suggestion we want to offer to you consists of a four layered cake made of round layers. Around every layer you can observe nice looking details, you can see as if this cake has embroidered details on it and let’s also mention that there are flower details placed here and there, with flower buds in small sizes. At the basis of every layer you can observe a portion with nice looking patterns on it and with pearl details on. All these go really fine together and we’re certain that you consider it in the same manner! These look great and it would really be a pity not to take this gorgeous cake into consideration.

the right model of wedding cake 4 3

Here’s another neat suggestion you definitely have to take into account! We’re speaking about a cake that is made of several components. This one is made in white and pink and you can see how neat the details are involving it.

the right model of wedding cake 4 4

There are bow details on the superior side of every tiny small box that is like a component of this big wedding cake. On the final layer, you can notice a round layer that serves as the tip of this wedding cake. How about that?