Wedding cakes with fairytale theme 4

We think that the subject regarding wedding cakes that have as main source of inspiration fairytales seemed quite interesting to you and we promise that these are the last examples up to this moment. In the future we’re going to suggest you some other examples if such cakes so that you can have where to choose from. We hope that you made a general idea and maybe you’ve already made up your mind on a particular model. If not, here are some other stuff that you may want to know about!

How about a wedding cake that is made in multiple layers and every layer is different through the models and the colors used?

wedding cakes with fairytale theme 4

We thought of a cake that is conceived of sweet pillows and that should bring you to the idea of an oriental story. The first layer, the basic one is made in white and green colors with nice patterns on, the next layer is made in orange and red tones and also it has some other patterns on it too, the other layer is made in purple, white and gold and you can observe some things on its margins, things that imitate cherries. The last layer is conceived in blue and gold tones and it seems also pretty interesting due to the models that you can observe on it! It has the shape of a tea container, but an antique one….
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Here’s another neat idea that we thought it would be nice to present to you. We’re speaking of a cake that is composed of three separate “bodies”. There are three sweet things that seem to imitate some flower pots. Each of these is filled with orange lilies made of sweet components of course.

wedding cakes with fairytale theme 4 2

You can observe their green leaves next to them. Also, around these pots there are nice patters made of small marbles and details. Quite some nice elements and a nice idea, don’t you think so? And don’t forget that we’re speaking about wedding cakes and this will definitely be something unique for your wedding.

wedding cakes with fairytale theme 4 3

Here’s another great looking wedding cake that will take your eyes immediately. It’s conceived in such a format that it looks like a castle on a hill and with all the elements specific to those areas and spots. These are quite some great looking details and stuff and we’re sure that you won’t remain disappointed if you decide to apply for such a cake for your special day!