Cheap and exquisite table cards

Everybody wants to be unique in a way or another. So you can do this thing with the help of the tiniest details. For instance, adding a little something to the floral arrangements or to the favors, or even to the table cards, or the things that hold these table cards.

cheap and exquisite table cards

This is what we’re going to mention about: the table card holders that will definitely be something different from anything you’ve heard up to this moment. We will suggest a list of examples so you can have where to choose from….
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So leave besides the bombastic examples and here are some really original, yet courageous holders for cards. The first example regards a boat made of colored paper.

This is also a really cheap holder for the card: take a colored paper accordingly to the theme of your wedding and your basic colors and make a boat as you used to do in kinder garden or in the first years of school; the next step is to pierce a stick into the tip of this small boat and on that boat put a piece of paper or cardboard on which you write the name of the guests that is sitting at that table.

Another interesting example consists of scrabble pieces on a piece of wood. Take letters in order to form names and put these square plastic letters on a wooden support in front of each guest’s place. It’s quite an interesting idea and you should admit it: it’s original in the same time.

cheap and exquisite table cards2

We continue our interesting examples of table cards and here’s another example that needs to be taken into account: a support made of pine cone. You can leave the cone just the way it is or you may paint it in nice tones with the help of a glittery spray.

cheap and exquisite table cards3

Cut it a little bit and you may place the piece of cardboard there and you can write the name there.

Another interesting idea is to take whatever fruit you like pierce it with a knife and you may easily place the table card in it, or with a lemon you can do the same thing. There’s also the variant in which you can simply write with a marker the names of your guests and it sounds great too….

cheap and exquisite table cards4

Take some wine corks and do the same things that you’ve done with the fruits: that is to pierce them right through and put a small cardboard on which you put a name. This is also an interesting idea and it will certainly make your guests smile.

cheap and exquisite table cards5

All of these examples resemble how open minded you are and believe us that these don’t cost a lot! You can save a lot of money if you apply for one of our examples and definitely you’re going to be admired for your ideas and imagination. All of these are exquisite ideas and it’s a pity if you don’t get advantage of them!