Ideas for flower arrangements

The part with the wedding floral arrangements and all that stuff are things that the wedding planner always thinks about. It won’t be a big deal if you stick your nose into those things and it’s your business too if you browse for ideas and things like that, because after all it’s your wedding! We have here, besides all the suggestions given up until now, some petite floral arrangements that certainly will catch your attention….

ideas for flower arrangements

You can place some nice flowers over the food! Of course, those aliments won’t be consumed, but they look better if you place these ornaments on top. You can have your plates with food on them and on top of these plates you can have another one only with flowers, like orange daisies and brown branches on side! On the margins you can have some nice petals of daisies and that’s all!
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You can have also ceramic vases and fill them with nice colored flowers. Mix pink pale roses with yellow daisies and a lot of green leaves! In two corners of this vase place two white candles and in the middle place a taller one! Put these ornaments in middle of the table and see how nice do they look!

ideas for flower arrangements2

Simple and refined: get a glass cylindric vase that has white and red colors on it and put inside it a rich rose bouquet in red color. You’ll see how this delightful arrangement will give life to an entire table….

The next idea is similar to the one presented above: take a beautiful rose bouquet in pink nuance and leave the flowers as long as they are. Tie them with a transparent ribbon. The next step is to get a cylindric vase made of transparent glass. Take the good looking bouquet and put it into the vase! At the bottom of the vase, place some petite flash lights that will confer this ornament extra beauty and also it will look like you’re playing with styles and ideas: it’s both elegant and modern in the same time….

ideas for flower arrangements3

You can also have mini floral arrangements: white flower pots that have a small flower placed in them! You can put natural flowers or artificial ones made of plastic, carton or paper! At the base of each bud you can place a nice transparent ribbon for extra effect.

The final idea we want to present to you is a multicolored bouquet made of multiple types of flowers! Leave the flowers as long as they are and place them in a transparent big cylindric vase! You should fill a little bit the vase with flower, so that it inspires the idea of freshness and life!

ideas for flower arrangements4

As you can see there are multiple choices! You can combine all these suggestions and end up with a really nice looking floral ornament! The basic idea for these arrangements is that they should look fresh and offer the table a nice aspect! You can add some pale petals around the vase! It looks great, believe us….