Cheap and hand made wedding accessories

So many things to buy and little money left! That`s indeed a problem most of the couples confront when organizing the most important day of their lives! You`ve managed to buy so far: the wedding gowns, you`ve rented the place where the party will take place, all the major details are arranged, but you`ve still got the testimonies, some ornaments and accessories, but not so much money left! What should you do in this case? It`s very simple, use your imagination, hands and fill yourself with patience!


The first thing we`re going to speak about is the wedding testimony! It`s indeed a very important thing in the wedding ceremony! Go to a hypermarket and buy yourself some kilos of jelly, make sure it`s very colorful and different shapes!
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The next thing is to buy some little bolls, made of a transparent material and you place the jelly in the boll! You then take a top of paper sheets and you write with an interesting handwriting your vows! It`s both a sweet idea and original! The original paper you`ve made with vows, photocopy it and place it near the boll! And you`re done regarding this chapter!

While you`re in the hypermarket browse for simple and metallic supports, they`re not that expensive! What you do with these objects? Number how many tables you have in the rented restaurant or place! Depending on the number of tables you have, you buy these metallic arrangements!


After you`ve done that, buy some fruits, any type of fruits you like and some flowers, make them a matching color with the other arrangements in the room! Place the fruits on the layers of the metallic object and also place some flowers here and there! This arrangement will certainly look great!

If you want your guests to remain with a sweet memory, here`s what you have to do: buy some marshmallows, some plastic boxes in shape of a heart, some sheets in shape of heart also, a black pen and patience! Place the marshmallows into the plastic box and write on the heart shape sheet your names and the date in which the wedding takes place!

The ornaments for tables are also an important aspect of the entire wedding; you can make yourself some floral arrangements in a very interesting shape and form. The first step is buying some sheets of paper in what color you like, as long as it suits your other arrangements!

You also need flowers! Buy flowers! Any type of flowers, maybe your favorite ones, it depends on what color you apply for! Some thin ribbons are also needed! So, what`s the deal? You make cones out of the sheets of paper, you place flowers in these cones and in the exterior side of the cone you place a ribbon! It`s an interesting idea, both simple and great looking in the same time!


These are only some things you can do with your hands if you have the necessary patience! Money aren`t a problem in this case, as you can see, because these ornaments are made out of cheap “ingredients”!