German Wedding Inspiration

With destination weddings on the rise, many are looking towards locations as far as Germany to tie the knot, and why not? Despite the long distance, many Americans have strong familial ties in Germany, which can be more than enough reason to give a German wedding a go.

Combining outstanding landscapes, lush countryside, centuries of tradition, quaint villages, and metropolitan cities, Germany boasts a diverse landscape and culture. Not only that, Germany also has some very fun wedding traditions that are sure to get all your guests involved. From the “Polterabend” party the night before the wedding to sawing tree trunks after the ceremony, there is no shortage of merriment to keep you and your guests entertained.

From coastline getaways to Brothers Grimm fairy tale celebrations, Germany has something for every bride and groom – it’s no wonder that it’s one of the best countries in Europe to get married. We’ve divided the most popular German wedding destinations into four different categories so that those looking for a specific aesthetic know exactly what’s on offer.

A Coastline Retreat

Germany’s coastline goes relatively unnoticed; it faces two seas – the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Both these coastlines offer long, sandy beaches and lovely vacation-feel villages. Starting with Rügen Island, an island jutting into the Baltic Sea. Known for its chalk cliffs, its fancy sea resorts, and its beautiful national park, Rugen is fast becoming a holiday destination for not only Germans but internationals alike.

Moving east along the Mecklenburg coast, the Hanseatic city of Wismar is tipped as a great wedding destination with its event-oriented Wyndham Garden Hotel and its historical and quaint town center. Moving further East, the North Sea islands are spectacular and somewhat unknown. With no shortage of lighthouses, sand dunes, water sports, and sandy beaches, these islands are a unique wedding destination.

A Mountainous Getaway

The mountainous landscape of Germany is ideal for those looking for breath-taking scenery, adventurous activities and plenty of fresh air. The German mountain regions are stunning year-round, so whether it’s a summer or winter event, you’re guaranteed pure magic. There are three top mountainous areas of interest: the Black Forest, Saxon Switzerland, and the German Alps – each has its own unique character. The Black Forest is known for its pine tree-studded scenery, mineral spas and welcoming villages, while the Saxon Switzerland national park has a larger than life feel to it with outstanding hikes and picturesque landscape. While the German Alps may be best