Ball gown wedding dresses

Ball gown wedding dresses are great to be taken into account by those who feel like being special indeed in the big day. We totally recommend such gowns for those who always have dreamed of being princesses in the big day.

Of course, we have to share with you some interesting examples that need to be taken into account whenever it comes to looking great and being special in the big day.

The first model that we thought it would be a really nice idea to share with you consists of a sleeveless wedding dress that has a sweetheart neckline and it’s tight with tiered details down to the thighs.

Ball gown wedding dresses

You can observe the ruffled skirt made in A-style and its gorgeous looking aspect which recalls of snow and foam, that’s how fine it’s made. For such a wedding dress we recommend you to take into account wearing some long sleeves, up to the elbows.

Of course, our suggestions of ball gown wedding dresses don’t end that quick! We have some other examples to share with you and you can be sure that they’re going to seem effective as well. So, we’re speaking about an A-style wedding dress that is made in a sleeveless manner and with spaghetti straps as well. Let’s also add that you can observe tiered details on the surface of the bodice, down to the thighs and the skirt is made in wide A-style with rose details all around. These are gorgeous elements and details, which compose another interesting piece which we hope you fall in love with!

Ball gown wedding dresses 2

This other model that can be placed between the lists of ball gown wedding dresses is this sleeveless wedding dress with sweetheart neckline that has tiered details on the bodice and on the superior side of the skirt as well. At the level of the knees you can observe some rose applications that look really vivid and in the same time they offer this dress a special look…. The veil makes this imagery complete and in the end you can be sure that you’re going to look exactly like a princess.

Ball gown wedding dresses 3

There’s this other wedding dress that we thought it would be a really nice idea to share with you and that needs to be taken into account as well. So, there’s the sleeveless wedding dress in A-style and made of satin.

Ball gown wedding dresses 4

This one has ruffled details surrounding it and you can observe some flower embroidered details on the surface of the dress as well. Instead of a halter strap you can observe the pieces of fabric placed there and which are ruffled in the same time….

Let’s add that all the models that we chose to share with you are signed Sascha Novia.