Wedding dresses in 2009

What were the trends regarding the wedding dresses in the year that is just going to end? Well, this domain is marked by the change of preferences at the level of the long length bridal gown. This one has been substituted with shorter lengths and you can observe inspirations from different past decades. So, it seems that in 2009 all types of lengths were preferred for the wedding gowns. In other words, all types of wedding dresses were fashionable; the fabric used depends on the personal tastes….

There are two main types of wedding dresses when it comes to details and embroidery used: simple and really feminine wedding dresses and in contrast with these, one can observe some wedding dresses that are made with all kinds of applications and motifs.

Wedding dress in 2009

And speaking about elements and motifs, one can observe the dazzling wedding dresses that are made of satin and with ample skirts, which will underline the beauty of the legs and will offer you an extravagant air.

The classic cuts are popular as well in 2009 wedding dresses, these will emphasize the embroidery and peal applications on the surface of the wedding dress and the bride’s beauty – this is indeed a gorgeous view for the eye.

Some designers like to add a touch of modernism in their wedding gowns and this is denoted clearly by the use of the fabrics with different textures.
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There are some other designers who emphasize the simple details on the corset and leave the skirt wide and simple – this can be considered as a feast to the eyes.

Wedding dress in 2009

This year has brought many interesting details at the level of wedding dresses, the designer using their playful ideas and combining different fabrics. Also, you can observe how they play with different textures and patterns, as well as cuts, bringing new ideas that seem a good starting point for the new year to come.

Wedding dress in 2009

We have to admit that there were plenty models of wedding gowns throughout the year that has just passed and you must have observed this with your own eyes. The year 2009 has focused the attention on the powerful woman, who knows what she wants and loves her way of looking, feeling confident and really self aware of her own powers. This strong woman will be much “powerful” in the year to come and she will know from the start what wedding dress to apply for.