Minimalist wedding dresses

The first and the most important thing that you have to know concerning a minimalist style is the fact that it isn’t dull at all. But on the contrary, in many occasions people confuse minimalism with the excessive simplicity that can denote a lack of personality. The minimalism supposes using less expressive means, which are sufficiently powerful to express themselves freely.

Why is minimalism popular again? Besides the benefices that it offers to the exterior, this tendency supposes a moderate consumerism, which in our days is an aspect that is wanted. How are these premises applied in the fashion world? Mainly, the outfits are composed of simple and less lines and the accessories in general are preferred to be as discrete as possible.

minimalist wedding dresses

Let’s start with the wedding dress shall we? So how do you pick a minimalist wedding dress? Although it may sound simple, realizing such a look can encounter certain problems. Less is better…. You know this saying and you should apply it in this case for sure. Minimalism doesn’t suppose that everything is going to suit with everything. But on the contrary, the component elements have to finally have a coherent and unitary expression. This trend is applied to using a single value of white, depending on the color which is offered to the fabric from which the wedding dress is made of. There are multiple options, which start from pure white, strong and going up to the color of butter or cream.
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Natural fabrics and simple lines….

The general color of the wedding dress is the most important issue that has to be taken into account. The cuts realized in straight lines and long, but in no case you apply for plisses or ruffles no matter how simple these are realized. Also, it doesn’t represent a viable option and neither the wedding dresses in princess style, large and long. You should avoid details like lace, embroidery or any other applications. Then what’s suitable? An appropriate choice would be the wedding dresses of which cuts complete the outfit, the type of fabric from which the wedding dresses are made of. The fabrics should end up in a gorgeous outfit and they should denote just how elegant you are or you feel. In order for all the attention to be concentrated on the entire outfit it’s important that the fabric has excellent quality, as natural as possible and the sensation when you’re going to wear the wedding dress is going to be incredible.

minimalist wedding dresses 2

Silk is a fabric which is really popular and nothing can compare with a fluid wedding dress realized from fine silk. This particular piece has to stay a little bit tight on the body and to have the length down to the ankle!